Topias Leinonen: 2022 NHL Draft Probability Profile: Huge goalkeeper covers net net, potential target for New Jersey Devils

With the utter catastrophe that occurred in 2021-22 New Jersey DevilsIn the case of goalkeepers, one might imagine Tom Fitzgerald tending to pick more goalkeepers during this draft. Currently, the only two prospects the Devils have – but haven’t signed yet – are Cole Brady and Jacob Malik. Brady set a decent save percentage for Arizona against ridiculous shot numbers (he had a GAA of 3.89 in 2021-22), while Malik was one of the best goalkeepers in the second-highest level of Czech men’s hockey. With his team losing in the last round, they have not been promoted to Serie A – so Malik will move to Ilves in Liiga. With Nico Doss and Akira Schmid already having chances with the big club, Tom Fitzgerald would be wise to keep his goalkeeper pipeline strong by picking a player in the middle of the late rounds. For reference, Nico Dawes was named the 84th best goalkeeper of the Devils overall in 2020, Malik ranked 100th in 2021, Brady ranked 127th in 2019, and Schmid ranked 136th in 2018. This is the perfect place to gather you Throwing darts to the goalkeeper’s board.

The fact of the matter for the Devils is this: Jonathan Bernier is gone after 2023, and we don’t know how much he’ll play. Nico Daws looks like a third option at the moment, and the Devils’ competitiveness now largely hinges on either him developing into a good starting goalkeeper or Mackenzie Blackwood getting back on the line. But even if one or both of those things happen, demons need long-term insurance through the draft just as much as short-term through agency and free trade.

Who is Topias Leinonen?

Topias Leinonen was born on January 25, 2004 in Jyväskylä, Finland. He is 6’5 inches tall and actually weighs 234 pounds.

Elite prospects

Where does Leinonen rank?

What other people say about Lenonine

A few of them have written about Topias Leinonen recently. One person who has it is Arlen Dancziger, who works with The Hockey Writers. On their profile from lenonenDancziger counts this year as a poor goalkeeper draft – saying that no elite goalkeepers are expected to be drafted. While it may seem that way, you don’t really get to know with goalkeepers until a few years after the event. Regardless, he wrote of Lenonen:

His second biggest asset is his sportsmanship and pace. He may not move as smoothly as some Scouts would like, but his feet and hands are fast for his size. He has powerful movements, which go hand in hand with his criss-cross blast. It’s easy to see a possible comparison to the long-time Nashville Predator Becca Rain, who was also 6-foot-5 and one pound heaviest at 217 pounds. Rinne wasn’t the most stylish goalkeeper in the league, as he regularly frequented and swam the net. But like Rinne, Leinonen finds a way to save, is surprisingly explosive for his size, stopping at nothing to get in the way of rebounds either.

While that sounds nice, one potential side effect of this style of play is that Lenonin has some technical issues that it needs to function. Dancizger said it has “busy feet” and average recoil control. He writes that these crowded legs help goalkeepers with certain saves but they often put goalkeepers at a disadvantage for dangerous shots.

in Athletic Piece from Corey Bronman in which scouts ask their opinions on the draft prospects, and it includes the goalkeeper debate. Noting the weakness of the class, Bronman asked who was the better goalkeeper – Tyler Brennan or Tobias Leinonen? Two answered Lennonen, two said Brennan, one asked if he could pass goalkeepers this year, and another said Hugo Havild. Just looking at the stats, I’m not sure if it was more of a Canadian Juniors bias that made anyone choose Brennan over Lennonen. Brennan had a .899 in the WHL to a Leinonen .916 in the Finnish U20. One of the things I noticed when reading their comments was that one of the scouts who picked Brennan did so because he didn’t like watching Lennonen play in the net:

Goalkeeper 1: “I would like to take Tyler Brennan. He is a boring goalkeeper but I think he plays and can support you. Lennonen is more talented but he drives me crazy watching him.”

While I don’t have a long-distance mind reader, I have to imagine Lennonin driving this scout crazy over some of those technical issues Dancizger wrote about. We’ll have to take a look at that in the next section, where we’ll look at Lennon’s playing.

lenonen video

The first video we’ll watch dates back to 2019, when Lenonen was just 15 years old. While evaluating him based on the old tape might seem like a bad idea, we can at least look to see the improvements he’s made to his technique since that time.

The first thing I noticed was how far Lenonen wanted to go. I like it when it challenges singles shooters, but it’s a bit more about seeing it stretch from the crease from time to time. He gave up two rushing goals, and overcame some bottom corners that took him to the shooters. He gets hit on a third with a bullet that hit his glove. In the next video, I look to see if he has improved control over his feet and the angle he takes for shooters. This video is from February 2021, after Lenonen turned 17. It is purely video.

The first man drifts across the center and grabs the spot under the gauntlet. The second shooter came fast, slower, and was rejected by the blocker on another low shot. The third attempt was a very unsurprising attempt, and Lennonen stayed with this movement and denied the forehand strikes with his pillow outstretched. The fourth was a straight shot from among the points of the face, and Lenonen kept it in front.

The third video dates back to the 2019-20 season, when Leinonen was 15 years old. Unfortunately, this seems to be the year most of the video available on YouTube comes from. However, I liked this outing much more than the first.

Here, I can see more of the talent I’ve come to expect from Lennonen. He was too fragile on his skis, moving across the fold easily to take the net away. Leinonen was able to reset well after going behind the net to play a puck to save the ball, and made an excellent move in 2:26 to deny a potential breakup by coming out of the crease to pass quickly with a loose disc. He showed some maturity in trying to fight for a visual on the guides through the screens. This type of game is what you want to see from an expected perspective – I wish it was newer.

Unfortunately, there are no featured videos of Leinonen on YouTube, and the only video of him on Twitter is him giving away the game-winning goal to Sweden in the U18 semi-finals (they later won the bronze medal). I’m a little surprised how hard it is to find a video of the best European goalkeeper, but sometimes hockey is like that.

My thoughts on Lennon

Although the scouts say this is a poor goalkeeper project, I think the Devils would be better off continuing to take the goalkeeper when someone falls into their lap. her demons three The fourth round picks this season — and if Lennonen falls for his first pick in that round, they should take him. Byron Bader hockey He is a fan of Leinonen, giving him a 53% chance of being a full-time NHLer player during his career – the highest goalkeeper mark in the draft. By comparison, Nico Dawes had a 41% chance of a field hockey game when he was selected late in the third round by the Devils in 2020.

Leinonen’s video was mixed, but what it is – an old tape that can only offer a glimpse into his natural ability but not his current refinement and technique. However, the common theme between the two Scouts was that Lennonen needed to improve his foot movement in order to be more consistent in the crease. But what makes Leinonen able to get away with it during the draft, other than his solid performance in Finland’s U-20s? It is huge.

If there’s one thing the demons seem to keep away from, it’s little goalkeepers. While Hugo Havelid has had good numbers himself, he stands at 5’10 inches much smaller – and the Devils have only picked top goalkeepers for the past few years. Malik and Dawes are 6’4″ while Schmidt and Brady are 6’5″. Even back in 2017, Jill Sean is 6’5″. This trend would make Fitzgerald more likely to choose Lennonen or Brennan this season – and I hope he doesn’t go all out to pick Brennan, whose stats list is too frustrating for a goalkeeper from America “The results are very important, and Lennonen gets them quite often. That doesn’t mean I think the Devils should use the second-round pick over Lennonen, though – and you might see him laughing at him there over the next two weeks for the lack of goalkeepers in this draft.” But I will consider him in the third round, and jump to the podium immediately if he falls in the fourth. The idea here should be to build a goalkeeper pool with another strong prospect, but don’t reach it before the third round.

your thoughts

What do you think of Topias Leinonen? Do you think he will go into the second, third or fourth round? What do you think of any mini bar it has? How about his baseline compared to Brennan? Are you a fan of these goalkeepers? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and thanks for reading.