Pre-market: Russian oil price cap could destabilize the market

A version of this story first appeared in the CNN Business “Before the Bell” newsletter. Not a subscriber? You can register over here. You can listen to an audio version of the newsletter by clicking on the same link. London CNN Business – Europe and the United States have blocked the import of Russian oil … Read more

Italy’s economy enters choppy waters – POLITICO

Click play to listen to this article Smooth sailing in Italy is about to end. A combination of factors – the ‘Super Mario’ brand of its prime minister, negative interest rates and the opportunity to spend nearly €200 billion in the EU refund money It means that the third-largest economy in the European Union was … Read more

Market Live: Sensex jumps 650 points, Nifty about 15,900; Tech M, HCL, Envy Shine

Indian indices on Monday got off to a positive start amid strong Asian trends. Stocks extended their rally on Monday, though questions remain over how long a bear market can be kept out amid rising inflation, tight monetary policy and the risk of a recession. Shares rose in Japan, Australia, Shanghai, Hong Kong and South … Read more

A frugal couple in New York with nine children, owning their own home, and no debt, spending $364 a month.

A frugal couple with nine children who own their home in upstate New York, have no debts and only spend $364 a month, say they’re dealing with record-high inflation in the country by doing what they’ve always done: not spending money. The Shillito family in Burnt Hill, New York, grows fruits and vegetables in their … Read more

Has corporate greed increased inflation? He’s not the biggest culprit | Health, medicine and fitness

By Paul Wiseman – AP Economics Writer Washington (AFP) – Outraged by price hikes at the gas station and supermarket, many consumers feel they know just where to blame: on greedy companies that are relentlessly raising prices and making profits. In response to that sentiment, last month the Democratic-led House passed a partisan line vote … Read more

The return of stagflation can be prevented with smart policy – POLITICO

Joachim Nagel is Chairman of the Deutsche Bundesbank. Flashy background, corduroy flares, long sideburns, disco and punk. The 1970s were a tumultuous “in your face” decade. And for many, this decade is still a magnet. Revivals come again and again, both in fashion and music. Economically, the 1970s were a difficult decade, plagued by two … Read more

Gas pump inflation time shopping: Less gas, bigger bags of chips, lots of frozen pizza and cheap coffee

New York CNN Business – Americans reduce their gas pump consumption – not just the amount of fuel they put in their tanks. Consumers are also changing the way they fill grocery bags with convenience foods and other essentials. trigger: high inflation. average gas price Hovering around $5 a gallon Having recently crossed that mark … Read more

Inflation drives demand for food aid in northeastern Ohio

Mentor, Ohio – Putting food on the table is stressing many families out in Northeast Ohio. In Lake County, nearly a third of the population is now struggling to make ends meet, according to the United Way of Lake County. The figure includes more than 27,000 adults and 7,000 children who are already food insecure. … Read more

Fed Chair Powell faces mounting criticism over inflation slips

Washington (AFP) – Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has won praise for his shrewd leadership during the downward spiral of a pandemic recession. With threats to the US economy mounting, though, Powell increasingly shocked Fed watchers as being far less confident. Inflation proved to be higher and more stable What he or the Fed’s economists … Read more

What is stagflation and how do you prepare for it?

Runaway inflation has raised fears that the economy is headed toward a return to stagflation, but a group of Wall Street banks such as Goldman Sachs and HSBC believe there are still opportunities for investors to navigate safely against this challenging backdrop. UCG | Getty Images What is stagflation? Stagflation is a term coined in … Read more