Has corporate greed increased inflation? He’s not the biggest culprit | Health, medicine and fitness

By Paul Wiseman – AP Economics Writer Washington (AFP) – Outraged by price hikes at the gas station and supermarket, many consumers feel they know just where to blame: on greedy companies that are relentlessly raising prices and making profits. In response to that sentiment, last month the Democratic-led House passed a partisan line vote … Read more

WWF report says online wildlife trade is on the rise in Myanmar

Bangkok – A report by the World Wildlife Fund shows that illegal online purchases of wildlife are increasing in Myanmar, threatening the public alike health and endangered species. The report released on Friday found that enforcement of the ban on such transactions has weakened amid political turmoil after the military coup in 2021. The number … Read more

Oregon prison chief tops federal prison job | Health, medicine and fitness

Written by Michael Balsmo and Michael R. Sisak – The Associated Press Washington (AFP) – Collette Peters, director of the Oregon prison system, has now emerged as the main competitor to running the federal prison system, a person familiar with the matter told The Associated Press on Wednesday. Peters, who has run the state’s Department … Read more

Federal Reserve seizes $1.2 million over Florida’s refusal to impose COVID vaccine law on health care workers | National

FORT Lauderdale, Florida – As Governor Ron DeSantis battles passport vaccinations against the COVID-19 coronavirus – recently threatening the Special Olympics with a $27.5 million fine – there is one mandate he can’t stop. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services enforces a federal vaccine requirement for health care workers who provide only medical or … Read more

Hong Kong police patrol to enforce Tiananmen vigil ban | Health, medicine and fitness

By Zain Soo – The Associated Press HONG KONG (AFP) – A heavy police force patrolled Hong Kong’s Victoria Park on Saturday after authorities banned for the third year in a row public observances of the death anniversary. Tiananmen Square campaign In 1989, the vigil outside was the only place to commemorate this event. For … Read more

Miss Jubilee contestants celebrate diverse UK | Health, medicine and fitness

By Danica Kirka – The Associated Press London (AFP) – As designer Clary Salandi opens the kitchen door of a nondescript community center in west London, her visitors stop by, amazed at what they have found. A dozen giraffe heads, made in shades of orange and brown with top hats and flowing eyelashes, smile in … Read more

Many high school students report poor mental health during the pandemic

Darlene Terryberry of Henderson, Nevada, lost her beloved granddaughter Angel in the fall of 2020. “We were very close in many ways; I wish she was able to speak. We’re going to sit down together today,” Terryberry told CBS News, the high school student is one of the 30 students in the Clark County school … Read more