If you want to improve your offerings, use these 3 simple tips

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur The shareholders themselves. When starting or running a business, most people will tell you that a high-quality presentation to potential investors or partners will sell your business itself. Investors, partners and potential clients will line up if you’re skilled in the language and can tell a unique and captivating story and … Read more

Moving from medicine to entrepreneurship

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Shareholders are their own. medical Professionals of all stripes do an incredible job every day – often saving lives, relieving pain or providing relief. But sometimes, even after many years of training is required to become licensed shepherdOne might want to leave the profession behind and try something completely different. Exchange … Read more

Black personal finance influencers focus on financial freedom

Troy Millings, left, and Rashad Bilal from Take Your Free Time Source: Spend your free time Social influencers focusing on financial education for the black community focus on the message of financial freedom on Juneteenth as the nation celebrates the end of slavery in the United States. “I definitely feel that commemorating Juneteenth should be … Read more

Microsoft has found that Generation Z is redefining the idea of ​​the bustle of work

Enga Kjeer | Phototech | Getty Images For decades, Microsoft associated itself with the traditional definition of office work, long hours in front of a computer, but now the corporate giant of Generation Z is finding Generation Z entrepreneurs disrupting ideas about workplace crowding and the traditional 9-5 day. Many recent college graduates of Generation … Read more

This consultant started a non-profit financial institution to empower women

Stacy Francis Source: Stacy Francis Stacy Francis never planned to become a financial advisor, especially one for women going through a divorce. But frank talk with her grandmother changed the course of her career. Her grandmother, Mira, was a victim of spousal abuse and, before her death, admitted to staying in her marriage because she … Read more