Stardew Valley players arrange Green Day using flute blocks

Stardu ValleyThe charming farmhouse decorations include two unique little blocks that play a musical note or the sound of a drum as players run alongside them. Although they are cute, I never understood how to arrange them. Mine was usually sent to collect dust in a random box somewhere in a dark corner of my farm.

But in the hands of the right instrumentalist, flute and drum blocks turn into something incredible: walking paths that play complex classical melodies and popular rhythms. And in the past six months, he’s been talented Stardu Valley Players have created ingenious flute block formats for stunningly complex songs like Mozart’s ballad.Rondo alla Turca (Turkish March)“Green Day”American idiot,” The pokemon battle themeAnd, of course, the Toby Fox movieMegalovania” From Undertale (Where the character even looks like papyrus).

On Reddit, clips of players going down these music tracks garnered tens of thousands of upvotes, and it’s easy to see why. These walking trails are charming – like the video game equivalent of an old music box, one of those slowly spinning drums where each prominent metal tab makes a gentle crackle. You can look at them and know This took a while. Arranging Megalovania, for example, took six hours to plan, followed by five hours of placing the blocks, creator Yarami wrote. In another Reddit. And this is the guy who made so little.

Arranging music is hard, even with the best tools, and doing it Stardu Valley It takes a combination of Excel magic and angry flick. It also includes some very specific obstacles: There are restrictions on the sounds that can be played at any time. the object’s walking speed, which increases its pace; The challenge of finding a large enough spot Stardu ValleyMap to put it all. Capturing the essence of a song is hard – but it’s still possible! Even with this little tool kit.

“One of the fundamentals of recording is that you have all these tracks that you can use,” B.K. Levine, who did American Idiot, told Polygon by phone. “in stardo You have two, because at most your farmer can run by two blocks of flute simultaneously in a continuous sequence, at least. There are exceptions to this rule, but it is deceptive.”

Levine is a multi-instrumentalist who can play guitar, piano and drums. The song Green Day is clearly an iconic choice, but Levine chose it precisely because the song largely alternates between guitars and vocals, allowing him to make it sound “driving, exciting, and interesting” with one track for the flute and one track for drums. Levine explained that no rock song would work without those drums. Even then, the battle is still uphill, with Levine saying, “With drums you can strike up to three drums at once, and often there is severe fainting.”

Redditor NetWarrior FM, who created the file Mario Overworld Theme and John Williams”Duel of Fate“(Star Wars theme) in Stardu ValleyExplain that flute blocks also have a limited soundboard. Via email, he told Polygon, “You have to be a little creative and go an octave higher or lower and try to get the best pitches.”

A masterpiece is not created overnight. Levin started his order by making Detailed data table Where he plotted the notes – flute blocks can play a range of 24 – with reference to Stardu Valley wiki page The song’s melody and vocals waved. Levine explained that a flute block row alone requires 16 bars, which roughly translates to two 8/8 bars.

“The number of flute blocks you’re going to cut in a given time will be fixed,” Levin said. “So you can’t really be tricky with the beat. Essentially, a 4/4 music bar translates directly into eight flute blocks.”

Drums can be more complex. There are seven values, but they are somewhat subjective. You have to spot the difference between bass and snare, for example, and it can be hard to tell. Some players think the bass is on a zero click, but for Levine, the bass is on a four click while a zero click sounds more like a bass. Many creators explained that it was a matter of trial and error.

“I basically put 16 drum pads on and ran next to them over and over — I kept tweaking and tweaking and tweaking until I could cram them into those 16 pads,” Levine said. “You won’t get the feeling until you hear it together, Is this possible?

Players can change the tone of each flute and drum Stardu Valley By left clicking again and again. The flute block defaults to C, and 12 flicks move you to C an octave higher. If you’re not a musical person, that’s basically a lot of clicking for a simple “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” song, not to mention “Turkish March” or “American Idiot.”

Levine plays the game in multiplayer mode with mods Stardew Valley has been expanded And the CJB element generator Installed – to produce flute blocks – and it took nearly four months in the game to complete the Green Day track. He did this in his multiplayer, although it does not allow the player to pause, because he “loves to play” [his] friends” and “wanted to do it organically.” The larger Calico desert in Stardew Valley Expanded also gave Levin plenty of space; in advance arrangement for Gravity Falls Subject, Levine used a vanilla toy, and cactus kept his way.

To play the song, his being drinks a cup of coffee, then runs fast. The player’s base speed is five; Drinking coffee raises it to six. So drinking coffee changes the tempo of the song, although it also matches the aesthetic — if I had to run through a musical maze, I would have caffeine, too. This is closer to the tempo of “American Idiot,” according to Levine, and it’s not unusual to see it in other arrangements. In Levine’s next project, he’s planting grass on the road to slow down his character’s walking speed because the track has a slower cadence.

NetWarrior FM took a different approach, using a modified CJB cheat list in order to pause the game so his character didn’t have to sleep much. It also allowed him to adapt his player’s speed. He hasn’t “planned where to put the blocks in advance” but likes to “go with it”. NetWarrior FM also uses an item mode mod, but has just discovered a flute block mod that lets players change the instrument (the game piano is one option). He’s currently using it to arrange “Let It Go” from frozen.

Every time one of these arrangements crosses my feed, I pause to absorb it. I’ve seen enough to be able to “read” what the song looks like: You can identify bars that repeat when they sound like a closed loop The player can walk a full turn, with branching paths leading to other movements or from chorus to verse. Thirteen years of playing classical piano and I can’t play anything I used to be able to, but I obviously can play Stardu Valley Flute block music. Go and conclude.

It is evidence of hard work and amazing creativity, like the beautiful structure in Maine Craft or perfectly prepared Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island. It’s the embodiment of a song distilled into simple melodies and drum lines, pieces of music history that fans can recognize even without all the bells and whistles. I wonder what they will adjust to next.