Tom Cruise transformed himself into a superhero

In 2008, Tom Cruise was still human. Directs a series of films that included Minority Report, War of the Worlds, And the Mission: Impossible IIICruz has found a meaningful second right in his career by embracing adulthood. The grinning man was history – now husbands and fathers were playing with something to lose. So when Marvel called and asked if he’d be interested in anchoring the first movie into a major new franchise experience, he must have been tempted to oblige. How can cruise Not Playing Tony Stark, the superhero of this new age? But Cruz rejected them, and although he never spoke at length about the decision, the little he said says it all. “I need to be able to make decisions and make the movie as great as possible,” Tell Indian Express In 2021 “It didn’t work out that way.”

So Tom Cruise didn’t play Iron Man, not even as a cameo Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness, as it is rumored. For most actors, playing a superhero is the ultimate business: a steady, well-paid opportunity to rise to their global standing. But Cruz is the rare actor who would be belittled by the presence of superpowers. Why wear a suit if you can achieve a flight without one? As the Marvel Cinematic Universe dominated the movie scene, Cruise kept pace, transforming himself into a hero without a robe, and a demigod without wings. At this point in Cruise’s stardom, his characters are impervious to pain or injury. Cut the air in fighter planes. He defies gravity and time with a sorcerer’s sorcery. If there really was a multiverse, then Cruz was already there and back. He plays characters without a backstory. Many of them are referred to as “ghosts”. It was never put on display, at least not on screen. He may not be interested in having fun. Entertaining the world is all the reward it needs.

The cruise may have passed Iron ManHe absorbed the rules of the superhero age though. During the MCU cruise, three films were released between 2010 and 2012 that set Cruise 3.0. Was first up The knight and today, action-comedy with Cruz as a rogue spy who becomes the antique-car expert’s protector for Cameron Diaz when she stumbles into an espionage crisis. Roy Miller is a classic Cruise – an absolute madman who is aware of his incredible charm – but also one of his strangest creations. Just keep in mind The scene where Diaz is pulled out of a crowded dinner at gunpoint, They scream indifference to confuse and distract frightened customers. “Everyone gets pancakes. No ice cream. A pose that doesn’t weaken legs and people! Lincoln knew it. That’s why they got it!” The knight and today It wasn’t a hit. Coming a few years after Cruz alienated part of his fan base jumping on the sofa Matt Lauer angrily discusses the merits of psychiatry, and Cruise showcases the oddity of The knight and today He may have hit too close to home. And while he would go on to make non-franchise action comedies like edge of tomorrow And the american made, They would also be among his least successful films of the period.

after a year The knight and todayhe returned to Mission: Impossible privilege with stealth protocol He transforms his titular character, Ethan Hunt, from a loving husband into a man who is barely recognizable as a human being. At the end of Mission: Impossible III, Hunt is set to leave the supernatural life behind and sail into the sunset with his wife. But as stealth protocol At first, Cruz suddenly changes his mind, separates from his wife, and dedicates himself to a solo quest to save the world. It’s no surprise that Cruz hired Brad Bird, who is known for his creation The Incrediblesto direct the film. You can imagine him watching the Pixar superhero quartet and thinking, “Can he do that for me?” in stealth protocolHunt goes full-on cartoon, sidewalk jumps, fights with mysterious acumen and, in what remains the franchise’s greatest stunt, climbs the world’s tallest building without a safety net. He has neither family nor home. Even his government disavows him. Cruz became a ghost, and the audience loved him for that: stealth protocol It was the franchise’s highest franchise yet, and suddenly Cruz found a new path forward. Over the following years, Ethan Hunt continued to save the world and avoid romantic entanglements, never stopping to eat, drink, or just hang out with his friends. A man totally dedicated to the cause.

Just like a file Mission: Impossible The series was climbing new heights, and Cruise lined up another franchise, starring Jack Reacher in the first film adaptation of the beloved Lee Child series of books. Book lovers howled at Cruise’s choice; Reacher was supposed to be physically imposing, and although his movies tend to hide it, Cruise is clearly a little kid. But it’s easy to see why Cruz sees himself in character. Reacher is one of Cruise’s lone wolves who is fully committed to doing justice and is willing to give up earthly pursuits for humans just to do so. For example: a ridiculous scene in which, alone in a hotel room with Rosamund Pike, Cruz sways around a T-shirt, distracted by her wet and muscular torso, and turns a witty defense attorney into a laughing schoolgirl. You want to have sex with him, do you want him? He pushes her car keys in her hand and sends her packages. This is no ordinary man.

Although the Cruise 3.0 films represent a new and improved archetype for a movie star, they continue a winning formula that defined his character from the start: integrating Cruise into his roles. Look back at his career and you will find characters who perfectly reflect their moment in his arc. in BetterHe was cocky, cocky, trying to prove himself. in Jerry MaguireHe was an accomplished professional looking for a new direction as he approached middle age. These days, he sees himself as a savior of cinema – and possibly the world – with him A firm refusal to allow his films to premiere on streaming servicesearnest desire to Saves viewers from the evils of motionAnd the unbridled anger Those who break COVID protocols have on set, and in his opinion are putting the future of Hollywood at risk. “Because he’s so capable, that carries with it a responsibility.” This is how Jacques Reacher described it in an interview, but the quote could just as easily apply to Ethan Hunt, or even Cruz himself. At this point, what’s the difference?

Lest we think Cruise is as immune to his characters, however, his films in recent years marked the end of his timeless era. In an uninspiring sequel Jack Reacher: You’ll never come backReacher spends most of the film with a character he believes to be his daughter; Cruz rarely plays parents (closed eyeswhere there are hardly his children, and war of the worlds are the only examples); The idea of ​​having a teenage daughter hints at a yard that defines itself. In the end, though, we learn she’s not really Reacher’s daughter, leaving him free to continue his unrelated life – but in the unexpectedly poignant final scenes, you can sense Reacher’s grief over the life he could have lived, and Cruise ponders The nature of his career would appear if he returned to the land of the living.

He’s not ready yet, but he’s enjoying finding out. Top Gun: Maverick At first glance he seems determined to go further, and finally get Cruise to embrace his role as an even greater statesman. After a hypersonic plane crashes in the opening scenes, Maverick is suspended and reassigned to the Flight Academy. It’s not just a new assignment. For Maverick, it’s closer to death. “The future is coming,” said his walrus-boss. “And you’re not in it.” Technically, he talks about how drones make human pilots like Maverick unnecessary, but he might also tell Cruise that movie stars aren’t important in the age of superhero CGI and the franchise’s dominance. Not to worry: Over the course of the film, Maverick finds a renewed purpose as a mentor to young pilots, and Cruise wears it well. The character adapts Rooster (Miles Teller), son of Goose, who blames Maverick for hindering his naval career. He properly directs the cocky young executioner (Glenn Powell), who certainly reminds Maverick himself, by keeping him grounded during the final mission, putting him in just the right place to save the day when Maverick and Gus are in danger. The transition from skilled mentor to aging mentor feels so natural that it actually comes as a surprise when Maverick – and Cruz – wrestles with the last-minute controls and spends the last 30 minutes performing the most death-defying stunts of his career.

So far, that is. While it’s only a matter of time before this superhero with another name is put off forever, teaser next year Mission: Impossible – Dead Account Part 1 Bigger and better promises. There is another one that comes after that. By then, Cruz will be 62 years old. By then, he might be ready to embrace the character-driven phase of his career that many of his biggest fans have been eagerly anticipating. However, while the idea of ​​Cruise returning to his roots and collaborating with Aaron Sorkin or Cameron Crowe again is appealing, it’s hard to imagine him regaining his footing as an ordinary man. Once you spend that long in the stratosphere, life on Earth will never be the same.