JUDAS PRIEST announces Fall 2022 US tour with QUEENSR ŸCHE

British heavy metal legends Priest Judas It will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary again this year with the launch of a new North American tour. support on “50 years of heavy metal” Autumn 2022 trip will come again from Queensrich.

Tour dates are as follows:

Oct 13 – Wallingford, CT @ Toyota Oakdale
October 15 – Albany, NY @ MVP Arena
October 16 – Boston, MA @ MGM Music Hall Fenway
October 18 – Uniondale, NY in Nassau Veterans
October 19 – Wilkes-Barre, PA @ Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza
Oct 21 – Kalamazoo, MI at Wings Event Center
October 22 – Detroit, MI at the Masonic Temple Theater
October 24 – Cincinnati, Ohio @ Andrew J. Brady Music Center
Oct 25 – Waukegan, Illinois Theatre @ Genesee
October 27 – Green Bay, WI Theater @ Resch Center
Oct 29 – Moline, IL @ TaxSlayer Center Moline
Oct 30 – Mankato, MN @ Mayo Clinic Event Center
November 01 – Sioux City, IA @ Tyson Events Center
November 02 – Rapid City, SD @The Monument
November 07 – Ontario, CA @ Toyota Center
November 08 – Tucson, AZ @ TCC Arena
November 10 – Loveland, Budweiser Event Center, CO @
November 12 – Park City (Wichita), KS @ Hartmann Arena
November 13 – St. Charles, Missouri @ The Family Arena
November 15 – Corbin, KY @ The Corbin Arena
November 17 – Southaven, MS @ Landers Center
November 18 – Baton Rouge, Los Angeles @ Canes River Center
November 20 – Oklahoma City, OK @ Paycom Center
November 22 – San Antonio, TX @ Tech Port Center & Arena
November 23 – San Antonio, TX @ Tech Port Center & Arena
November 25 – Dallas, TX @The Factory – Deep Elum
November 26 – Corpus Christi, TX @ Concrete Street
November 28 – Edinburgh, TX @ Burt Ogden Arena
November 29 – Houston, TX @ 713 Music Hall

Priest Judas Her European Spring/Summer 2022 Tour kicked off with an intimate concert on May 31 in Berlin, Germany. For the party, held at the 1,600 seat Huxleys Neue Welt venue, singer Rob Halford He and his bandmates ditched their traditional leather and stud look in favor of a more stripped-down look.

Last month , Halford Tell ABC sound who – which a priest He was going to “track” the 2018 follow-up “firepower” album.

“You can never have enough songs when making an album,” he said. “Songs that you didn’t even know you had parts and parts of, suddenly became a very important part of your record.”

About the new music trend Priest Judas Material, rob He said, “The music we make now represents the place a priest Maybe in this sixth decade of our existence when it comes out… looks cool. I am really pleased. I’m really happy because… we don’t drop the ball. We don’t ever have this. But it’s good, because there are some elements that we haven’t discovered before. “

over a year ago, Halford confirmed that a priestHis next album will see the band reunite with “firepower” The production team consists of Andy Snapelongtime collaborator Tom blame and engineer Mike Exeter (black sabbath).

bassist Ian Hill He is the only original member left in a priestwhich was formed in 1969. Halford He joined the group in 1973 and is a guitarist Glenn Tipton Signed in 1974. rob the left a priest In the early 1990s to form his own band, and then returned to it a priest 2003. Founder guitarist KK Downing We parted ways with the band in 2011, and he was replaced Richie Faulkner.

Tipton He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease eight years ago after developing the condition at least half a decade ago. Tipton Announced in early 2018 that he will sit in tourism activities to support “firepower”. has been replaced by snapalso known for his work on the NWOBHM revival Hell And costume cult crush Saturday.

last March, Faulkner . said “Metal Inside” Podcast about the recording process for a file a priest Album: “It’s slowed down a lot due to the pandemic. We wanted to come together, like we did in “firepower”and log them together, but obviously shutdowns and everything like that slowed this process down [down]. Some of us live in the US, some of us live in the UK, so the meeting has proven a bit tricky for the past couple of years. Now everything kind of opens up, it’s a little easier, but now we’re on the road, so we have a touring course [to get through]. So, if we could, we might be able to do it between cycles of wandering.”

As for when fans can expect to get the next a priest album Faulkner He said, “We don’t have a release date. It’s not finished. We have the songs, but we have to record them. We have drums. I don’t know if that’s been said yet. So we’ll try to build it up as we move through this touring cycle.” rob It always says, it will be finished when done. At this point in their careers, there’s no point in speeding anything up, especially when we’ve waited so long during the pandemic to start doing it. It will be done upon completion. but there will be the last a priest register. We have some great songs.”

About the new music trend a priest Material, Richie He said, “It’s different than “firepower”, but it sure is…you can tell where it came from. It’s not even “Fire Force 2”… It’s hard to say anything these days without people getting… if I say it’s like a continuation “firepower”people think that “Fire Force 2”. It has its own character, it has its own legs, and we look forward to releasing it to the world when it’s finished. “

in february, Halford asked by Remy Maxwell From sign in if agreed with FaulknerThe latter’s comment that the band’s next album will be more musically “progressive” “firepower”. He replied, “Yes, the metal is there. But here’s the thing: we did our best not to repeat anything we did. From Roca Rolla all the way to “firepower”Each record has a distinct character. And it’s tough because fans go, ‘We want another “Painkiller”‘We want another’ british steel“. And the [it’s, like]Dude, we’ve already done that.

He continued, “Fans know that we are a group that is always full of adventure and trying new things.” “So, yes, this probably has some progressive elements that we haven’t delved into before. And that’s exciting, because, once again, it gives us and our fans another chance to see a different side of a priest. But it is still metal. There is more of it. There are more notes than there was before.”

in the same month, Faulkner Canada said metal sound About the general sound of the new a priest Music: “When you start a recording, you never know how it’s going to end. So you can start with an idea of ​​what it’s going to be, and when it’s kind of playing it out comes out something different. So you never quite know. And also it’s really hard to sum up your own music, as I find, without sounding really arrogant. But I think this music – it’s not “Fire Force 2”, I don “t think so. It’s his own thing, his own animal. If anything, I’d say it’s a bit more advanced in some places, and in places it’s a bit more ‘killing machine’ swagger.”

Faulkner He added, “I know everyone says, ‘Oh, is this next “Painkiller”? ‘ or ‘Is he next…?’ Whatever… I don’t know if they’ve done this before, but I know we never did when I was in the band; We never tried to recreate an album. We always try to create an album based on his legs. So I think it’s definitely a little more progressive than “firepower” And like I said, in some places it contains a little bit of that ‘killing machine’ The attitude of angry ostentation continues. But again, like I said, we’re waiting to see how it turns out, “because it could be completely different.”

Priest Judas This year he will receive the Music Excellence Award Rock and Roll Hall of Famewho will be honored EminemAnd the Dolly PartonAnd the rotation rotationAnd the Lionel RichieAnd the Pat BenatarAnd the EURYTHMICS And the Carly Simon In the category of performers.

The induction ceremony will take place on November 5, 2022 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Will be broadcasting later in the day HBO and flow on HBO Max. There will also be simultaneous radio broadcasts SiriusXM‘s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Radio Channel 310.

according to Hall of FameThe Priest Judas Members to be recruited include existing members HalfordAnd the hillAnd the Tipton And the Scott Travis (drums), along with the former members DowningAnd the Why Binx (drums) and late drummer Dave Holland.