Cole Hauser says Kelly Riley received death threats from love-obsessed fans with Rip Wheeler

Yellowstone It is the biggest thing on TV.

Apart from NFL Football, Yellowstone It was most watched Cable premiered on TV last year, edging out the strengths of TV series like this is us And the NCIS.

And of course, with all that extra exposure and fan base, it gets a little tough to be a regular person. Granted Kevin Costner has always been a star, and Cole Hauser has totally had his resume, but everyone has seen his popularity go through the roof.

But unfortunately, some fans are taking it a bit too far.

I recently sat with The Hollywood Reporter Scott Feinberg, Luke Grimes (Caes Dutton), Kelsey Aspel (Monica), Kevin Costner (John Dutton), Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton), and Cole Hauser (Rip) explained what it was like to be on the world’s most popular show. Globalism.

And for Kelly Riley, Rip Wheeler’s envy is real.

Cole Hauser said Kelly received death threats from Preb Wheeler obsessed fans:

“She used to get death threats…I’m serious, she told me a few times…I was like, ‘This is crazy.'”

I’ve come across women with tattoos in my name, kids named Rip, I mean…she’s so wild.

But in the end, you get into this business and hope to take on some great roles in your life. And to be able to influence people through the way this character and the writing by Taylor … the different colors he put on. It’s a real honor for people to come and love something you do.

Whether they are connected to the side of earnest intensity, the loving side to her (Beth) and the loyalty I carry with him (John Dutton), it’s an honor…so I’m very happy that way.”

I mean, it’s a TV show…get a grip on people.

Yellowstone Season 5 It’s officially set to premiere on Paramount Network this coming fall, on November 13, with it recently being renamed 1923 next December.

As the upcoming Four Six Ranch pop-up series was also recently announced, 6666And the It will also be broadcast Paramount Network (rather than the live streaming service Paramount+), so we’ll likely see that show soon as well.

There are so many things to get excited about in the world of Taylor Sheridan… STAY CONNECTED:

Cole Hauser On The Rip And Beth Sex Scene

It’s no secret that Yellowstone It is the biggest TV show at the moment.

with the Season 4 finale, Announcement From the fifth season, not to mention 1883, Next chapter in the future 1923, The four sixes A minor component is also in progress, Yellowstone The fans have a lot to look forward to.

Needless to say, Taylor Sheridan He is undoubtedly the busiest man in business right now. I mean, did Paramount just give him half a million dollars, lock him in a room with a pencil and make him publish scripts?

Whatever they’re doing… it works.

But perhaps one of the most important parts Yellowstone It is the diversity of characters.

Some people think Kevin Costner The character, John Dutton, patriarch of the Dutton family, is the main character and/or the better character. Some love Beth. Some hate Beth. Some fans love Jimmy’s story and others think we got a lot from Jimmy.

Monica’s had her fair share of hate lately, and Kiss is every girl’s dream, but then you have Ryan Bingham’s Walker character, Wes Bentley’s weasel with Jimmy Dutton, and so much more.

Everyone brings something different to the table and there are a number of different reasons why you might like or hate a lot of them. Maybe both…

However, one thing we can pretty much all agree on is that Cole Hauser and Kelly Riley’s portrayal of Rip and Pete is incredible.

According to Cole himself, in an interview with Vanity Fair It’s all about natural chemistry:

“We were so free together. You know, it’s rare to find an actress, and I’ve also commented on her in interviews, where I’m free to do whatever I want, and she follows my lead sometimes, sometimes the other way around, and I’ll follow her.”

It’s a very selfless relationship where we both love working together.”

And while Rip and Beth may, in a way, be the stars of Yellowstone, they weren’t necessarily drawn that way. Rip & Beth’s love story wasn’t supposed to be the show’s main story.

There was a steamy scene in particular that, in the first episode, had creator Taylor Sheridan take their characters in a new direction…give them more spotlight.

And from all places … it happened in the bedroom:

“Initially there was a scene where we were having sex in her bedroom on the closet, and she slapped me, the way I was behaving.

I remember coming out of that scene and everyone was kind of glued to the screens, and I saw John and Taylor and the producers and DP and so on. And I looked at them and they all sounded, like, sort of with the “wow, that was cool” feeling.

From that point on, he really started writing it more and really giving us more to do and giving us more opportunities. Then it also pushes us and makes us take risks together. And I think that’s what it has become.”

All it takes is one scene, one performance… and boom.

Here is the scene that changed everything:

Summer & John “Turn Up The Heat” in Yellowstone Season 5

Rip and Beth aren’t the only ones busy in the bedroom…

One of the most interesting plot lines in Season 4 of Yellowstone was the introduction of the character Piper Perabo, Summer Higgins.

An environmental activist (hippie grass-eating) from Portland, Summer’s character first appeared in season four, protesting industrial farming in Montana.

Case appears and they end up dragging her ass to prison, but not before John drops a little knowledge About the cost of farming on a donkey:

But then John bails her out of prison, shows her how they do things on his farm, and also shows her how he does things in his bedroom.

Which led to this violent and awkward confrontation with Pete the next morning:

(Remember, Beth also told her dad he needed to put it…)

Unfortunately, Beth’s feud towards Summer did not end at the breakfast table, and she later prepared her for arrest in protest of the stock market.

Well, see what that means Beth is accused of institutional espionage in season five, But it also meant that Summer was put into a slammer, and even John couldn’t get away with it.

I got slapped for 15 years at the end of season 4…

We know that Piper It will definitely be in season 5, So anyone who thinks she’s going to break into a prison cell, guess again. I suppose John Dutton will find a way to get it out because, well… he’s John Dutton.

Also, because Piper Perabo said that…

In the People & Entertainment Weekly Red Carpet Live: The 28th Annual SAG Awards Before the show she stated that her relationship with John will gain some strength next season.

The love story began in Yellowstone.

I know a lot of people watch it for cowboy and ranch, but I watch it for the love story.

We raise the temperature. It’s been two tough years, let’s raise the temperature for a minute.”

Stay tuned…it looks like John is going to get some love next season.

Yellowstone season 5 It’s already got the go-ahead, with filming starting in May, and we’re supposed to see a premiere date somewhere in the fall. But… I declare that Season 5 will be divided Into two parts, each expanded to 7 episodes, and… here’s the kicker… the season will be used “to launch several new streaming shows from Taylor Sheridan.”