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AVON – Officials from UR Medicine | Noyes Health recently gathered to celebrate cutting the ribbon for the new Noyes Mental Health and Wellness Center at 5712 Tec Drive, Avon.

The center has been open since February 2022 and is part of an initiative to provide these services to the community and the northern part of the county.

Noyes Health President and CEO Dr. Chad Tetters spoke in a tape-cutting about how important it is to access mental health services and how happy they are to provide another place in the county to help destigmatize mental health concerns and provide accessible care.

Carl and Ann Myers donated $350,000 to the project and were instrumental in getting the project started.

“If you save even one person, it’s worth it,” said Karl Myers.

The ratio of patients to mental health providers is 350 to 1 in New York, according to the 2019 New York County statistics. In Livingston County, that number is 850 to 1.

The new facility includes eight treatment rooms and a group treatment room. Two of the eight treatment rooms are designed for art therapy treatments as well.

Ultimately, the facility will also feature an outdoor treatment garden with landscaped seating and benches for treatment or relaxation.

The facility has three therapists, and Laura Bond, associate director of the facility, said they hope to hire more to meet the needs of the community. Bond said there were more than 300 patient visits in the month of May.

Lynne White, director of public relations and marketing and founder of UR Medicine | “It’s been a long time,” Noyce Health.

The outdoor healing garden and benches placed next to the business are dedicated to Elizabeth “Liz” Green, an Avon community member and social worker who died in 2019.

Green has been a mental health advocate for the students she has worked with, appreciating nature and providing everyone with a place to listen.

Green’s father, Roger Griswold, spoke in tape cutting about how Green would talk about how if one person were sitting on a bench by themselves, another person could come, join them on the bench, and be there for them – to be their friend in that moment.

Griswold said that Greene was a firm believer that “if you can choose to be anything, choose to be kind.”

Amy Pollard, former CEO and president of Noyes Health, noted how long the project took to develop.

Pollard said it was Avon’s primary care doctors who reached out to Noyes saying they needed help and that they saw firsthand how disadvantaged the community was.

Pollard also touched on how seeing projects like this come to fruition to help people was one of the joys she found in her position.

“The need has never been greater, awareness is increasing, but the need and awareness is of no use to us if we don’t have access,” said Glenn Hahn, director of the Noyes Mental Health and Wellness Program.

Sarah Santora spoke at the ribbon-cutting ceremony on behalf of Senator Patrick Gallivan, Republican Elma. She participated in the dedication of Gallivan.

“This is a giant step forward in accessing mental health services in this region and we appreciate it very much,” Santora said. “Mental health and wellness is a really important part of our overall wellness, and being able to get there in Livingston County will help a lot of people.”

Genesee Construction has completed the project. The ground was broken about a year before the tape was cut.

The Livingston County Board of Supervisors has also been very supportive of the project. County Administrator Ian Coyle noted the facility’s importance to the community.

“It’s a nice feature, with some speakers saying it’s all about care and resources,” Coyle said. “This is just another resource that people can take advantage of.”

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