WEEKEND: Coaches worried about donors becoming ‘owners’, sport’s most controversial fantasy fight ever and a Kentucky assistant wrestle with a news reporter

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Donor anxiety grows among coaches

In the wake of Last week’s fireworks show between Jimbo Fisher and Nick Saban On the topic of NIL rules, college football in the Wild West Environment that currently finds itself more amplified than ever. While much of the public debate surrounding the implementation of the legislation exists around specifically discussing player salaries, some warn that the biggest issues at play will be those that affect the power dynamics at every level of school football operations.

Now, Ole Miss coach Lynn Kevin is raising concerns about how donors could soon play a direct and less ambiguous role in dictating which players see the field before others — as some owners tend to do in the NFL.

Kevin’s Extended Conversation with SI It offers a very transparent glimpse into the college football knot she finds herself in at the moment. For NIL, the head coach at Ole Miss also talks at length about players accepting offers without visits, widening gaps between 5-team strength/group teams, and the effects on locker room dynamics.

Needless to say, everything gets more complicated when it comes to money.

Battle for fantasy football

In an incredible twist in Major League Baseball, two athletes get paid to play a game with a million unwritten rules annoyed by immaterial rules of conduct.

Joc Pederson made the irreparable sin of abusing injured reserve spaces in a fantasy football league, then followed up on the league’s group chat by posting a bodybuilding GIF that featured the superimposed logos of three MLB teams. Simply put, the meme was making fun of the San Diego Padres.

as self-proclaimed “Big Dog in Vegas”, “High Player in Many Casinos” And the former Padre himself, Tommy Fam will not comply.

This story received a truly comical amount of press coverage and follow-up over the weekend. Of course, given how ridiculous the source of the controversy was at first, the intense media attention actually seemed quite appropriate.

The Reds have already won their first two home games of their series with the Giants, so it looks like Pham is being stopped for asking Pedersen. What do the five fingers say to his face? It had no detrimental effect on Cincinnati’s surprise streak of victories.

Assistant coach wrestling media member

God Almighty, this is not the big show – it’s Vince “Big Dog” Maru!

Kentucky Radio sports editor and prospective high heel Drew Franklin paid for starting beef with Marrow over the airwaves earlier this week in promotional preparation for Ohio Valley Wrestling event in Lexington. Despite the resounding effect of Big Dog’s Karate Chop, Franklin Quickly with Marrowthe Wildcats assistant coach and tight ends coach, is out of the ring afterwards.


2022 NBA Mock Roundup for Malaki Branham and EJ Liddell

With Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals scheduled for tonight between the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat, the NBA draft is now less than a month away. Griffin Strom did the dirty work of organizing draft picks for each of Ohio State’s predicted first-round picks.

No Ryan Day And the Jerron Cage stars as Buckeye parents

It turns out Ohio’s most popular youth leader is a good dad and helps guide more good dads. Day received a tribute from the National Father’s Day Council this week, while Dan Hope spoke with Cage about how Jeron Jr.’s football career has been revitalized.

The top ten teams are currently all about exchange

Johnny Ginter worked hard to Photoshop the face of Jim Delaney behind Saruman’s white beard. His look back at the “Legends and Leaders” debacle as the Big Ten inevitably prepares to remake (again) is worth a click on the title photo alone.

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