‘Time Traveler’s Wife’ Synopsis: Season 1 Final Episode – Revamped or Canceled?

Henry and Claire’s wedding day has finally arrived Time Traveler’s WifeAnd it comes with a lot of time consuming moves.

Time Traveler's Wife SummarySunday’s season finale begins with 28-year-old Henry traveling to his and Claire’s future home, where he finds a video camera and clothes waiting in a wheelchair. Meanwhile, 42-year-old Henry – who hates the video because “a time-traveler nostalgia is a bear trap” – ends up visiting 14-year-old Claire, who notices he’s not wearing the shoes I left for him, but she doesn’t realize the reason. Henry cries hearing “Get me to church in time” as he plays remotely and explains that he brings back memories of his shoe-shining day.

As the wedding date approaches (and Claire’s parents set out to make it the event of the season), Henry’s stress levels increase and he begins to travel into the future more and more. During one trip, he saw the wheelchair in the closet and Claire reaching for a handkerchief as she watched their wedding video. But before he could make contact with her, he was back in his time.

For 28-year-old Henry, this happiness he found with Claire is alarming. She believes that love is what gives meaning to life, but Henry argues, “Love is what gives hope to humans. It is the toughest thing I know.”

With five weeks after the wedding, Henry finally introduces Claire to his father, who is surprised that she is not blonde and that Henry already knows her family name. After the two got to know each other, he said to Claire, “You seem so beautiful. What on earth do you care about Henry?” She replied that he was fine in bed, and his father replied, “I know.” he is Thinks so.” (Mic drop, Dad!)

Later, Henry travels to the future house again, but this time it is empty. He’s watching the 30-year-old himself and 22-year-old Claire go on tour for the first time. Of course, he already knows that this house is home, so he shouts to remind the “ghost” who’s watching that lottery tonight to help pay for it.

Time Traveler's Wife SummaryFour weeks after the wedding, Henry travels home to find Claire crying in bed, with a small keepsake box next to her. When he found himself there at three weeks, he almost took a look inside the box before being pulled away. Back in the present, Henry never tells Claire where he’s going, even after she points out that flights are made almost every night.

Duplicating his time traveling, Henry visits his old friend Ben in hopes of obtaining drugs to prevent him from disappearing during his wedding, which now has only two days left. Henry takes something Ben calls “morphine plus” and loses consciousness. Meanwhile, Gomez – who was in the area and saw Henry – knocked on the door, but Henry had already disappeared. His time travel takes on an erratic and frantic character as he jumps into the future again and sees his older self and Claire fighting, then jumps again and sees a little girl approaching him at home, before jumping into what looks like a funeral wake. Henry returns home moments after the fight and finds 29-year-old Claire crying in her studio, with a keepsake box of positive pregnancy tests. Henry confronts 36-year-old himself, who reveals that the kids cut their time outside the womb, so he got a vasectomy. Henry punches his older self, who only travels seven hours before the wedding.

Henry was gone almost all day, so Gomez called his dad, who pointed out that Henry who appeared is on the older side. Henry asks for shoe polish to hide the graying of his hair. He knows he won’t reach old age with Claire, so Henry asks his father if marrying his mother is worth losing her. His father says it’s worth it because of him and tells Henry to give Claire a baby if he can’t stay, but it may be too late for Henry.

Time Traveler's Wife SummaryMeanwhile in the future, 28-year-old Henry watches himself as 36 marry Claire as she sits next to him. He’s angry with himself in the future because he’s supposed to make both of them happy, he and Claire. She argues that this is not the point of marriage. “It’s like sailing through a storm and knowing that both of you are not going to have children, so you hang on for as long as you can because you know that’s as good as anything everyone gets,” she says. Claire is excited to finally be the older woman, adding that she misses this young idiot Henry and wonders if he just kicked him away or made him change. Then she asks him to come see her sometimes. (When 36-year-old Henry and Claire snagged, she said she missed it who – which copy of it. So the grass is greener on every side.)

In a mid-credits scene, Henry says it would be weird for him to visit. After all, he’s basically the guy who had the vasectomy, which she was mad at. With a small smile, Claire replies, “Not yet.”

Looking at where the ending ends – far from the end of Audrey Nivenegger’s novel – Time Traveler’s Wife It is actually intended as a multi-season show rather than a limited series adaptation. (For the record, the series has not been renewed for a second season yet.)

“I had a plan on how many seasons we were going to do—without telling you!—and where each one would end up and how far it would take,” producer/executive writer Stephen Moffat told TVLine. “There is enough juice in the book for more than one juice [season]. But at the same time, I still call it a limited series because it can’t go on forever. It must stop. We already know quite a bit about how that ended. By episode 3, you know he’s going to be shot in the woods. You know he’s going to lose his feet at some point. So it’s a story of fate, I guess. The end is built in the beginning.”

But can the series continue after the Niffenegger book and explore a story – Spoiler alert! – Henry and Claire’s daughter Alba, who is finally due to get her own book? Moffat has not yet read the sequel (“[Audrey] I just finished this book. I think it’s about the editor,” he says), but that doesn’t matter. “This series Time Traveler’s WifeMoffat explains. “It will not go out of its way to the book, and we will not change its main details. So if you want to know what will happen in the next couple of years, read on.”

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