Mubarak and Musharraf: Obligations and Highest Defensive Objectives Visit the Campus

Often in recruitment there is nothing more effective than peer recruitment. That’s what Pennsylvania has been hoping to achieve since last weekend. Mega BarnwellAnd the Anthony DonkohAnd the Joey SchlafferAnd the Alex BirchmayrAnd the Gavin WilliamsAnd the Konrad HusseyAnd the Andrew RabeliaAnd the Lamont Pine They were all on their state visit to Pennsylvania last weekend.

These commitments were joined by two of Pennsylvania’s most important remaining defensive targets in the EDGE linebacker. Tameri Robinson and the back Tony Rogas.

As the weekend enters, the Nittany Lions will likely lead both Robinson and Rojas. As the weekend approaches, it appears that both of these forecasts have been strengthened. It was important for Robinson to fit in with new defensive coordinator Mane Diaz and it looks like that has happened. In fact, after exiting the visit, Robinson said on Twitter that he would announce his college decision on July 15. Miami and former Penn State defense coordinators Brent Bree and Virginia Tech are still playing Robinson as well, but all signs point to the selection of the Nittany Lions on July 15.

As for Rojas, Pennsylvania has been a leader in recruiting him for months. They survived a show and a big push from Clemson, and now it looks like they’ve done the same with Georgia.

There seem to be some similarities between Rojas’ recruitment and Danny Dennis-Sutton’s recruitment last season. As was the case with DDS, Pennsylvania, as we said above, has long led in Rojas’ favour. Georgia late Penn State pushed Pennsylvania to tire things out with DDS in the last session, but his ties to Pennsylvania eventually won out. For now, thanks in large part to the relationships that have been built with the employees, it looks like the Nittany Lions are still in a good place for Rojas. We’ll find out on the 5th of July.

Another top defensive goal who was on campus on an official visit was safety King Mac.

Mac attended St. Thomas Aquinas National High School in Fort Lauderdale, where he was Hussie’s high school classmate. After weathering the storm of a powerful state visit to Michigan last weekend, Nittany Lions appeared to be entering the weekend as Mack’s recruiting leader. To be honest, it’s a bit surprising that he left this weekend without making a commitment to the Nittany Lions. However, as of now, when Mac finishes enlisting, it looks like Pennsylvania will be the option.

Four-star defensive line Tomarion Parker He was also an official visitor to the campus this past weekend.

Parker made an official visit to Michigan this weekend, with OVs visiting Florida and Tennessee on the agenda. Welcoming from Phoenix, Alabama, it would be hard to do a Parker pull from the South.

Having said that, after exiting the visit, there was a lot of smoke making the Nittany Lions pop up as Parker’s leader. This includes multiple predictions in the future about Rivals, Including one by former BSD writer Dylan Callahan Crelly, for Parker, as well as multiple crystal ball predictions in 247 sports for Parker to select the Nittany Lions. This could be a recruitment that ends sooner rather than later. This could be one of the most unpredictable and best recruiting victories of the James Franklin era.

Stay with the defensive line from the south, the top 100 defensive lines Derek LeBlanc He was also in town on an official visit.

Earlier in the spring, LeBlanc arrived on campus for an informal visit. Following this up with his official shows that there is a legitimate interest in Nitty lions on his end. However, pulling LeBlanc out of the south would require a massive effort by Nittany Lion’s technical staff. Penn State will probably be hat on the table throughout this enlistment, but it’s hard to imagine LeBlanc ending up with Nittany Lion.

The St. Thomas Aquinas duo weren’t the only fellows from Florida that Nittany Lions hosted this weekend. Four Star Buck Corner Jacques Jacksona LeBlanc teammate, also arrived on campus.

Just like LeBlanc, landing in Jackson requires a great deal of effort by the Nittany Lions coaching staff. However, the coaching staff seems to have done more than they ever could have even hoped for this weekend with Jackson. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Jackson back on campus and give the Nittany Lions a legit look before making the fall decision.

An important official visitor from the offensive side of the ball was Scranton Prep running back London Montgomery. Like Mac, it was a surprise that Montgomery left the weekend without committing to a black Nittany. As of now, he’s still planning to visit Boston College officially this weekend before reassessing things in his assignment. Ultimately, it appears Montgomery is making a comeback in the enlistment class in Pennsylvania, which is a question of when not to.