Mike Harrington: Jimmy Singerod is a much different player than his former father, Saber | Buffalo Sabers news

Jimmy Snuggerud smiled when the question came on Saturday after his NHL Scouting League practice. He has done research on his father’s career in the NHL. He paid close attention to the style of play, and the way Dave Snuggerud could be counted up and down the suite throughout many nights at the Memorial Auditorium. So I checked some targets.

“But I think he only had two games, so it’s not really online,” joked Snuggerud, whose father was one of the best defensive strikers and penalty kicks in 215 games in 1989-1992. “It’s great to have a father who plays in the National Hockey League. He tells me a lot of stories, but he really gives me a lot of advice. I don’t know if he wants to go deeper into his stories.”

Sabers took Dave Snuggerud an additional pick in 1987 and pushed to the roster in 1989, playing all 80 games in each of his first two seasons.

If you are old enough, you will remember those difference very clearly. It was fun to watch but not good enough to make an impact in the history books, having been eliminated in the first round in both years by the Montreal Canadiens. The loss in 1990 to the Habs prompted Phil Housley’s massive trade for Dale Hawerchuk.

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Most of the goalkeepers’ operations were carried out by Clint Mallarchuk and Darren Buba. The defense was strong led by Mike Ramsey, Doug Bodger, Uwe Krupp and Grant Lydiard. Hawerchuk was part of a front group that included Dave Andrechuk, Pierre Turgeon, Rick Fife, Mike Foligno and a young Alexandre Mogilny. Rob Ray was also starting his career.

(Aside: How does all that talent equate to a first-round exit? It certainly was a disappointing time in franchise history.)

Dave Snuggerger scored 23 goals and 54 points during those two seasons before being substituted late next year for San Jose for Wayne Presley. He was one of those players who had to work hard to hone every ounce of talent he had and earned the respect of everyone around him for doing so. Son cut from a different mould.

Weighing in at 6-1½ and 188 pounds, Jimmy Snuggerud is developing into a pure goal scorer. His teammates on the US National Development Team program are marveling at his shot and the numbers confirm it.

Snuggerud has improved dramatically from his U-17 season (15 goals, 17 assists, 32 points in 45 games) to his U-18 season that ended in the spring (24-39-63 in 59 games). It’s a first-round pick in nearly any mock draft you find from 15-25. Remember, the Sabers picked ninth in the draft next month in Montreal but also 16th with the pick from Vegas for Jack Eichel.

“I feel like one of those underappreciated guys,” NTDP advocate Charles Leidy said. “He’s a great guy. On the ice, he’s very tricky, very skilled. He’s able to make a lot of plays you don’t know how to do and he’s got a great shot.”

“He’s a very slippery player,” NTDP captain Rutger McGroarty added. “He is very skilled and you see his shot. He can put the disc in the back of the net. And just his general commitment to the game, you see what he does on the ice, but off the ice, he really comes to work every day.”

So what’s new in the shot? Snuggerud can get rid of it quickly and through traffic. He’s one of those kids who spent his days shooting hundreds of pucks but who were doing it with a plan and the results were shown in the games.

“It comes from training every day,” he said. “I don’t think the shot just comes in.” “From all my years playing hockey, it’s something I really doubt and have tried to improve.” The drag shot is “something I worked on a lot, sort of getting that quick release and that drag, to move around stick cannons or sleds. And shooting through screens is also another thing I tried to do a lot.”

Snuggerud will follow his father and grandfather in going to the University of Minnesota next season. He chooses between sports management and education.

“They let me decide where to go, but I thought it was cool and loved the atmosphere in Minnesota,” he said. “He’s always told me it’s my decision in life where I want to go to college. Not being under that pressure is something I’ve enjoyed. They’ve left it to me.”

What would it be like for Saber to make the call in the draft? Snuggerud said they were one of the teams who requested an interview and noted that owner Terry Pegula was one of the team representatives in the KeyBank Center booth during his sessions.

“Going into it, I was going like any other interview, just to be kind of honest,” Snuggerud said. “But it was great to go to Buffalo knowing it was their home rink.

With the collection over, Snuggerud said he’s back in business. Every player in this combination seems to feel like they need to improve their skating and Snuggerud is no different. He said he likes to model his playing style after the Vancouver winger and Minnesota’s Brock Boeser, who finished 23rd in 2015. That’s the neighborhood he lives in.

“I didn’t imagine it much,” Snuggerud said. “I kind of live in the moment.” “When I get there, I’ll get there, obviously looking forward to it a lot. But I have a month for it and I need to level up in that time.”