Matt Sorum recalls his experience with the solo group DAVID LEE ROTH: ‘It was probably the craziest audition I’ve ever done’

In a new interview with modern drummerformer guns not flowers member Matt Sorum Summon the audition for the slot drummer’s David Lee RothThe solo band in 1985, the party that finally went to Greg Bisonette. He said (as he wrote it BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “Literally when I walked out that door, there was Greg Bisonette And the Mark Crane standing there. But no one knows [the audition] had to David Lee Roth. We have all been contacted before Steve Fay. And we were, like,Steve Fay? It’s that guy from [Frank] ZappaSo when I walked in… it was very clinical. We were playing crazy time signatures. It was very Zappa The school. He was running me across the mill. Like, give me 7/4. game origin‘s “Cinema Show”‘I get it. All right.’ And then he said something, like, “Play 26 on 8.” And I was kind of cocky, and I looked up and went, “Why?” And then I saw Billy Sheehan Sitting on the sofa. I go, ‘Oh my God, I love jam. Can we jam? We he did not do jam. I played by myself. And it was probably the craziest test I’ve ever taken. I didn’t have a situation where I had to stand there and Steve Fay I was reading all of these notes and getting me into this whole school of… At that point in my life, I was proud of myself for being a pure rock ‘n’ roll guy. But I looked Greg BisonetteAnd I knew he had all those other items – he studied, in North Texas [University]and then CraneThe same.”

A few years ago, Bisonette Tell rolling rock it landed in dung A gig after the audition to get a spot in Vincent’s Invasionunaware of it, Vincent I have already decided Bobby Rock. Then he said to me, ‘I already have a drummer, but I really enjoyed jamming with you. You’d be awesome for Dave Roth“I go,” he said.Dave Roth? is not it Van Halen? ‘ He said, not anymore. He left Van Halen. it happened Billy Sheehan From talas [on bass] And the Steve Fay on guitar. They are looking for a drummer. I think you will be awesome. a call Steve Fay. “

Before that Greg insurance dung profession, David was working with fidrummer Chris FraserBut they suddenly decide to test other drummers instead of giving freezer Hassle. After placing the required advertisements in the local commercial papers, fi And the Sheehan Create a store in Hollywood Sir Studios Where “that huge line, down the block” of musicians showed up for the experience, according to Greg.

“So I walk into the room, and that’s how it is Steve And the Billy This old drum is funky. I sat down straight away and said, ‘Hey, can you play us a solo? ” guitar world. after, after Bisonette Been completed, fi Show him a guitar part he’ll show later dung1988 . album “Skyscraper”. “This piece is the ultimate Hot dog and a shake. Steve He wanted me to hit him and Billy with these interruptions, and during all of it, he was solo. Such as Steve He was talking, I reached for my bag and pulled out my mustache. I had brought my own company, so I started writing these numbers on my head. Steve He goes, “Wow! So you can read and write music? That’s amazing!” After a day, fi Call him and tell him he should play for him dung. This was followed by a third test in front of the product Ted Templeman.

After being delayed several times due to the coronavirus pandemic, Sorumlong-awaited biography, “Double Talkin’ Jive: True Rock ‘N’ Roll Stories from Drummer Of Guns N’ Roses, The Cult and Velvet Revolver”finally arrived on May 10 via rare bird books.

Sorumwho replaced Stephen Adler in guns not flowersregistered “Use Your Illusion I” And the “Use Your Illusion 2” (both 1991) and “The Spaghetti Incident” (1994). Also support the group on “Use your imagination” Tour and can be heard guns not flowers“Direct Era: ’87 – ’93” (1999) and “The best songs” (2004).