It’s cancer season! Beauty, Finance & Fitness Trends for 2022

Let’s be sensitive!

you welcome in Cancer seasonwhich is the time of year when we fully embrace the beginning of summer.

In the wake of the summer solstice, we turn inward to understand our inner needs and emotional strength and to reflect on what it means most to us as we stand through the longest days of the year.

the mighty Sun You’ll be swimming inside the tidal pools of Crabs from June 21 through August 22. Cancer is symbolized by Cancer and embodies our emotional center. this is water sign It encourages us to build our own stability and security, as well as pay attention to our intuitions.

We connect with our families, we better understand our place in our heritage and we can improve our homes and home lives. Cancer is the fourth sign on the wheel, better known as a Cardinal’s sign. This helps us lead in emotional growth and in understanding our basic needs.

ruled by the moonCancer, the star of passions, yearns to nurture those around them, develop sacred space and nurture their souls. Take a deep look at global trends and predictions of what’s hot – and what’s not in fashion, music, fitness, hair, finance (cryptocurrency and NFTs!) and Beauty for Cancer Season 2022! Do not miss it! Be sure to Follow meall my favourites and everything in pop culture astrology To stay informed!


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what’s in FOR WOMEN’S AND MEN’S FASHION: Cancer season is just around the corner and nothing brings a ‘summer feel’ like the Cannes Film Festival! Celebrities and celebrities of the international film industry gather in the south of France at the seaside resort of Cannes to bring the aquatic crab vibes to celebrate the industry’s brightest! While Cannes is best known as an international film festival, it is also about the industry’s brightest celebrities adorning the red carpet.


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what in: Our Cancer season pick is “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush, the classic ’80s poem of love returns with a vengeance.

Kate dominated TikTok and Stranger Things at the same time, and it’s back on all of our virtual airwaves! The song is a classic poem you love with a twist. It is about a couple with strong love, but it creates problems and insecurities. “If I could just make a deal with God, I’d make him swap our places”: She wishes a man could experience what it’s like to be a woman and vice versa. The words actually transcend gender and are now as insightful as they were more than 30 years ago. Imagine if we could do that: What does that mean for all the misunderstandings we have in our current world? Production stopped abruptly and it might be something you can hear on your 2022 playlist. Kate inspired many generations that came after her, and she’s already a true pioneer.


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what in: Here’s your Cancer season fitness tip: Open the books. This is a great movement to open up the thoracic spine and get some movement in the upper torso. (This can also be done easily on a beach towel) Enjoy!

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Don previously spoke with the New York Post regarding being a super trainer For big stars like Hugh Jackman and Blake Lively.

Women’s hair trends

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cancerous hair
Cancer hair is here! Hair styling from brandonliberati. Model_alli_danielle.
Brandon Liberty

what in: It’s Cancer Season: My Favorite Zodiac Sign! Being a Cancer person, this hair trend gives me all the feels. The element that rules this zodiac sign is water. So “Liquid Hair” is naturally the hottest trend of the season! Unlike its predecessor ‘Hair of Glass’ which had a sharp, leaf-like straightness, ‘Liquid Hair’ is silky, smooth, and much softer just like this sensual zodiac sign. Cancers prefer fluid movements like tides (and their moods), so this hair trend moves like water with lots of shine because it catches the sun just like a calm summer day in July at the edge of the ocean.

Men’s hair care trends

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Cancer men's hair

Celebrity hairstylist Christian Serafino has hair advice for the season of Cancer!

Cancer Trends

Celebrity hairstylist Christian Serafino has hair advice for the season of Cancer!

Cancer Trends

Celebrity hairstylist Christian Serafino has hair advice for the season of Cancer!

Cancer Trends

Celebrity hairstylist Christian Serafino has hair advice for the season of Cancer!

The dichotomy between a Cancer’s hard-shell lining and a soft, delicate and sentimental interior makes perfect sense for a bolder men’s hair trend. From Justin Bieber’s longer cut, to Jay-Z’s thicker twists, to Korean boy group Min Ho’s bleached blonde hair and Jung Kook’s strong middle part, the styles are all bold and standout in line with what we’ll see in the coming weeks. Cancer season!

Serafino says pro tip: Don’t forget to try The best paste. ™

Christian Serafino has recently worked with Ryan Reynolds, Danny DeVito, Sir Kenneth Branna and Richard Gere!

Finance and Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency investor
Crypto investor Amanda Maxwell epitomizes the changing mood of the Cancer season. Seville visited Spain and was photographed with a Bitcoin ATM.

what in: As almost anyone can tell you, the cryptocurrency/stock market has officially entered a bear market. Obviously, this can leave you feeling very emotional this Cancer season, and rightfully so. Since the beginning of this year, cryptocurrencies and stocks have taken a big hit as the Federal Reserve withdraws its stimulus programs, which of course leads to temporary price turmoil.

This month, as we channel our inner Cancer, we need to remember to give ourselves compassion, and understand our sensitivity to the subject. In the end, we have to remember that the technology and economic issues that made Crypto a viable option to correct the world’s problems, are still in the works. People from all over the world remain loyal to Cancer’s loyal nature, and hold firmly to what they know will be an equalizing force in this world.

Cancer season
Cancer symbolizes cancer and personifies our emotional center. These trends will make this water sign feel all the hustle and flow of summer.
New York Post photomontage

Special tip: Someone told me many years ago, when in doubt, zoom out! It is an incredibly powerful mental tool that allows you to follow the path of any stock/crypto and realize how much that asset has grown over the years, regardless of current price fluctuations. This helps keep you calm in turbulent times.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. Please do your research before investing.


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ryanbdrake attends the 2017 NYC Pride March.

Pride March

2017 NYC Pride March Present via @ryanbdrake

Cancer season Pride March

An attendee catches pride during cancer season via @ryanbdrake

Pride March

Attending NYC Pride March 2017 via @ryanbdrake

Mercury retrograde chews us up and tosses us right into Cancer season! Cancer’s energy is filled with embracing the depths of our emotions and what’s better than love [is love]? This year’s theme for the New York City Pride Parade is “Unapologetically Us” which is a Cancer Energy Brand! Cancer’s sun symbol is the crab, and likewise they have a strong, protective exterior, but on the inside they are compassionate creatures who make others feel loved.

Come out of your shell, Cancer, and use that spirit to support the LGBTQ+ community and enjoy the festivities! Cancer is a sponge that absorbs surrounding energy, so this season it will make you feel deeper than you ever dreamed of! Although Miss Carrie does not have official Plans to join the festivities this year, there will be appearances by many other commendable Queens including Grand Marshal, social media influencer Ts Madison and Rap queen Lil Kim, who will headline the NYC Pride Island Music Festival that afternoon.

The last Pride March was held in pre-pandemic New York City in 2019, where nearly 40,000 people demonstrated alongside an estimated 5 million spectators. Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of big crowds because for the past five years, ABC-TV has been broadcasting the famous rally. So dust off the margarita machine and invite your friends to a viewing party!

Beauty and makeup

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Positive vibes this cancer season
Hollywood makeup artist Lizzie Polanco dazzles in the vibe of Cancer season.

what in: It’s cancer season! What better way to start this magical and civilizing zodiac season by completely immersing yourself in the shade of sapphire, which is also one of the similar Cancer birthstones! Put on some sapphire lips and put on some sapphire shades of eyeshadow to give you that hard crust with a soft, cancer-like interior!

special shout out to Brandon Liberty And the Lizzie Polanco For their birthday season! Enjoy the sweetness of Cancer season! You heard here first.

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