Is Amber Heard’s fortune enough to cover the $15 million judgment of Johnny Depp’s lawsuit?

The jury found Amber Heard guilty of a crime Defame ex-husband Johnny Depp He ordered her to pay $15 million in damages, posing a financial risk to the 36-year-old actress, according to experts.

Although Heard’s fortune is unclear, she has earned millions for her work in television and movies such as “Aquaman” and “Aquaman 2”. She previously received a $7 million settlement from Depp after their 2016 divorce, which she pledged to donate to charities including the ACLU. She said during the trial that she hasn’t done that yet meet Promise due to Deb’s suit.

But testimony during the trial indicated that Heard’s career had been halted due to the legal battle with Depp, according to for Newsweek. That may raise questions about whether Heard’s pockets are deep enough to cover the damages, which included $10 million in damages and $5 million in punitive damages — although the latter was lowered to Virginia’s $350,000 cap on such damages. The jury also awarded Heard $2 million in the lawsuit.

When asked if her client could pay the $10.35 million ruling, Heard’s attorney, Elaine Charlesson Bredehoft, Tell Show “Today”: “Oh, no. Absolutely not.” Bredehoft, who did not address Heard’s financial options in connection with the ruling, said Heard plans to appeal the ruling.

Attorney Sandra Spurgeon of Spurgeon Law Group in Lexington, Kentucky, said that while Heard can appeal the ruling, she may be required to issue a $10.35 million full judgment bond, plus interest, as the appeal continues.

“For an individual who does not have the ability to pay the judgment and does not have the ability to send the bond, there is a real problem if the winning party intends to enforce the judgment,” Spurgeon told CBS MoneyWatch.

For comparison, Depp, 58, earned up to $650 million over a 13-year period, according to The Hollywood Reporter. However, a former manager and agent Witnessed During the trial, his spending — like $300,000 a month on full-time employees — eroded his fortune over time.

Heard did not address the financial terms of the ruling in a statement she posted on Twitter on Wednesday, expressing her “disappointment” with the jury’s decision. Here are Heard’s options after the highly publicized trial:


As noted above, Heard can appeal the judgment in hopes of obtaining a more favorable judgment and reduced payment.

If she wanted to stay execution of the $10.35 million judgment, she would likely be required to file a bond, said Brian Pastor, an Atlanta-based attorney who specializes in litigation and securities and has experience handling judgments. He noted that Heard may also choose not to put forward a bond, but that would allow Depp to carry out the ruling.

Money is not enough? Wages can be imitated

If Heard decides to appeal but doesn’t have enough money to pay the ruling, she could end up with her present and future garnished wages, according to legal experts.

“The question is whether she’s saying, ‘Look, I don’t have that,'” said Jessica Levinson, a legal contributor to CBS News. It’s not there – you can look in my bank accounts,” he said.

“It’s not an unusual situation where someone says, ‘I don’t have – I can’t make it,’ and so I definitely think because she has earning potential,” she added.

Pasteur noted that Depp could pursue more than her pay. He can also raise money by chasing after her real estate, jewelry, and other valuables — although he protects some assets, such as retirement accounts.

Pasteur noted that if Hurd advises, “I’d say maximize everything in the retirement account right away.”

file for bankruptcy

Pasteur noted that Heard also has the option to file for bankruptcy, but she may not be able to pay her $10.35 million debt through insolvency. This is because of the part of the bankruptcy law that eliminates debts arising from “willful and malicious harm by the debtor” to another party.

Pasteur noted that “the jury model said ‘libel with malice’ – you can’t do anything maliciously unless you have the intent.” “In my opinion, it is very likely to apply.”

However, Depp will need to raise an objection to her attempt to write off debts through bankruptcy, citing that part of the law, Pasteur noted. He may decide not to object in such a case.

“The overriding problem is, with someone like Depp, that practically speaking, you want to get back into the film industry that makes for a great pay day, so the most important thing for you is not $10.35 million, it’s being able to get a $10 salary and $20 and $30 million.” “Ticket Buyers Might Refuse To Go After It For $10.3 Million.”

Depp may decide to waive the sentence

Spurgeon said Depp may also decide not to carry out the ruling, in effect resulting in a waiver of monetary damages.

“He’s in the driver’s seat now,” she said, noting that Depp could also negotiate with Heard for a lower dollar figure.

Pasteur added if Heard resumes, as she reportedly intends to do so, it could be a negotiating point to negotiate a lower payment or drop it all.

“He has already won the court of public opinion,” he noted. “Maybe he’s willing to say: If you drop the appeal, I’m willing to drop the judgment.”

In his Instagram comment after the ruling, Depp did not indicate whether he intended to pursue the critical ruling against Heard. “The aim of bringing this case is to reveal the truth regardless of the outcome,” he wrote.

“I feel relieved that I finally got it done,” he added.