“I cut everything down and I look a lot better.” – Fitness Volt

Classic fitness talent Chris Baumstead Getting ready to start his preparations for 2022 Mr. Olympia. Before ramping up his bodybuilding season, Baumstead says the “very low dose” cycle helped him look a lot better, as well as keep him healthy.

A three-time Olympic fitness classic champion, Baumstead is widely regarded as one of the biggest stars in the sport. His mix of size and aesthetics makes it extremely difficult to face him on stage. The amazing packages that he continues to bring to Olympia is no accident, he meticulously plans his health, training and overall fitness throughout every year he has been involved in bodybuilding.

When it comes to dieting, “C-Bum” doesn’t cut things off. Description of the certified professional file 5000 calorie diet Takes during the off season. Diets and nutritional supplements are becoming increasingly important in sports, as athletes continue to learn and develop new strategies to push their bodies to the limits. Of course, the IFBB Pro League bodybuilders also use PEDs. The use/abuse of these compounds has provoked many notable voices in sports to address their concerns such as infertility, health problems and the death.

Due to his awards, Bumstead became an ambassador for the sport of bodybuilding. The native Canadian, especially in today’s climate, insists that athletes in the sport should focus on getting the most out of every compound they use. While Bumstead did not specify the exact PEDs on his course, the Classic Physique champion had a lot to say on the matter.

Chris Baumstead suggests lighter cycles for bodybuilders: “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.”

Before starting the workout, Baumstead opened up about his steroid use. Active Pro noted that “supplements” have been “too low” this year but did not want to go into details.

Chris Baumstead
Chris Baumstead

My “supplements” have been very low this year. I try not to say specific words because I don’t like talking about it because people take things and work with them, copy them, and I don’t want that to be the point of it.

But the point I would like to make is that getting the most out of the least is something all bodybuilders should try. I spent 14 months between them Olympias And a weight cap that I don’t have to make, so I was just focusing on my health.” Bumstead He said.

The 27-year-old stated that he is currently taking 200 meg of testosterone per week. As intense as his off-season preparations are, Bumstead plans to take a heavier course once he knows his health is in good shape this year. Plus, Baumstead explained that once a year, he’s out of his cycle entirely.

“So, I’ve been…like I said, a pretty low dose of supplementation that I’ve been on. I’ll go up a bit after this if I’m healthy. Ah, I hate talking about it because I don’t want to say things because I don’t want people to do it. But, The numbers are close to 200 than I’ve been doing and I’m paying off exactly once a year.

After that, I was taking a very low dose, 200 [migs] week. Then, after that, I’ll go up to 500 maybe, and that will be my peak off-season activity. With that, my body weight can easily reach 265 pounds if I train and eat perfectly.” Shared Bumstead.

Chris Baumstead Lighter Cycles
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Above all, Baumstead believes that health should come before anything. If a bodybuilder is pushing gear but not training or following a proper diet, Baumstead says it’s a waste of time for the athlete in question.

“Again, that’s the focus I want to put on a lot of things right now, number one: be healthy. Get blood work Done and find a doctor who will help you do things as correctly and effectively as possible so that you are not stupid. Number two, as a bodybuilder, do the basics before anything else. Make sure your training and eating are perfect before adding “supplements” to the mix because it literally makes no sense. You don’t get the same out of this bullshit as you do from training, and I’ve proven it to myself.”

While he was running four or five different vehicles at once when he started exercising, times have changed and Baumstead has proven to himself that more doesn’t always mean bigger and better muscles.

When I was young, I ran a typical cycle that most bodybuilders do. Still very small amounts but a typical amount of compounds, four or five compounds throughout the setup. And now I got to one or two. I trim everything down and look a lot better Because I was more efficient. I’m getting older now, my muscles are more mature, but I’ve also focused on my diet all year long exerciseOn my health, everything is fine.

And it has allowed me to extend my career so much further that it should have given it the fact that I actually have an autoimmune disease and the fact that I’ve been getting healthier every year with a health condition since 2018, is proof that it’s working. I also won three Olympics as little as possible.”Supplements“Comparing myself in the past and what I like to assume compared to most people I’m against.”

Before ending the important discussion, Baumstead pleaded with other bodybuilders in the sport, “If you want to use ‘supplements’ wait until the last possible minute.” Some of these compounds can cause irreversible health consequences. For C-Bum, the lasting negative effects of these drugs aren’t worth it, especially when bodybuilders push excessive amounts of gear and still don’t reach the top of the sport.

“I just want to really assure anyone who gets into bodybuilding to focus on the basics, food consistency and training before anything at all because that’s it. If you want to use Supplements, wait until the last possible minute if you want to. Do this because it can have lifelong negative effects on your fertility, gender, libido, and hormonesSkin, acne, everything.

why are you doing that? You will win a contest Olympia? Mostly not. Sorry. Very few people, one person a year, so you probably won’t. Just don’t bother you. Don’t be a fool. If you like training, go for other things like natural supplements.” Baumstead added.

Bodybuilding is a potentially very dangerous sport I think people should do that As safe and effective as possible. Baumstead explains. “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. “

After the monologue, the ruling Classic Physique hero is busy with the requirements hamstring workout And a little back training in the gym. From hamstring curls to Roman deadlifts with a deficit of Smith’s machine, Bumstead attacks his off-season workouts in a comprehensive way. He still has about six months left before storming Las Vegas and judging by all the updates via social media, his preparedness is going accordingly.

Watch the full YouTube video below:

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Health is a fortune for Bumstead, and the Pro plans to show how effective he can be against the best players in the world while using a downhill course. Whether it’s diet, training, supplementation or cycles, Bumstead applies what he learns and plans to bring his best so far to the 2022 Olympia stage this winter.