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The Wendy Williams Show, whose 14-year reign ended on June 17, was an institution founded on drama, scandals, celebrity tea, and one of the most legendary shoes. He. She It was also a Mecca meme. The daytime gossip session pushed the boundaries of what people thought a talk show could be. As the show’s host, Williams responded live on the day’s entertainment drama, keeping her comment unfiltered and as crazy as possible. beef became a character (Copy to: Amrosa), and anyone and anything was a fair game of drag. In Wendy’s world, there were only two rules: Get the same amount Iconic And comment cluttered up the air as much as possible and make sure the viewer has fun. With these two goals in mind, Wendy hasn’t just peeled off the layers of the famous people she’s spoken about, but also herself. Over the course of its run, she’s become one of the primary – and questionable – talents on television, if not the most, even if the show has never received an Emmy nomination. facial expressions, quick wit, pauses, eye rolls, Farts and burpsunwavering opinions have never been more evident in the “hot topic” clips, where they smash notoriety and celebrities alike β€” and where Twitter shines with their references.

Internet BWWS (before The Wendy Williams ShowIt was a less chaotic place. In many ways, Wendy, person and show, is the forerunner of the GIFs and silly little screenshots that are now the best parts of social media. In trolling literally everything in “hot topics” – including SportsDua Lipa dictionary (see below) “the killer,” And the Fergie’s 2007 song “Glamorous” Almost everything Wendy did during the segment became worthwhile. there too much content, but also insufficient. Take for example this pictureFound after searching for “wendy shook meme” on Google.

The “Wendy shook meme” is the feeling we all get when we learn any kind of information so crazy that it gets dizzy. (This photo is literally of me after I drink Nitro Cold Brew.) In her decades-long work responding to drama, Wendy is also back to normal. social anxiety! In one episode, she shouted at him (social anxiety) as well as those who suffer from it, telling them, “I feel sorry for you.” There are no comments! Take screenshots of Wendy eats crow In 2014 after lose the bet That Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are not getting married. Wendy Ali Wendy He was a boob master, and the World Wide Web agreed.

A “good” meme is nothing more than a powerful paradigm – a device used to convey an emotion, breaking news, or an answer to a random comment in a fun, healing way when words just can’t. Memes help us interpret culture with humor. Nobody knows this better than Wendy, but art was not born by the Queen alone. Similar to MLM like Bravo Real Housewives And the RuPaul’s Drag Raceand production staff and video editors at Charm. See: The Fabulous and the Fabulous “Ah, she died?”Neural “what was that?”And the wonderful Louvre is worth it picture From the network’s Twitter account people are asking which J.Lo’s engagement ring is the best.

Even the legendary purple “Hot Topics” green screen that Wendy featured the unrepeatable part in front of her is a pillar of meme history. On July 11, 2019, Wendy said of rapper Lil’ Kim: “She’s an icon, she’s a legend, and it’s the right moment…come now.” This moment really sums up transcend Wendy into something more than just a TV show. When the video or audio – Or no sound at all – or a single image can be sufficiently recognized out of context and resident To laugh, to me, this is a successful meme. From peppa pig to me Actual green screen For avid meme-rs, not only did Wendy spread; It is permanently embedded in the Internet. What Wendy brought to the Internet is something special – it deserves a poem. Ahead, enjoy some “Hot Topic” moments that changed the course of history. Memes may never die. In Wendy’s words: “I’m for gay marriage.”

β€œJane… has been arrested.”

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