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The Designated Logistics Assistance Representative with the 402nd Aviation Advanced Support Battalion in Hawaii has been selected by his peers as the 2021 U.S. Army Aviation and LAR Missile Command.
LAR Electronics Apache Roberto (Marcelo) Castro, who joined the LAR program a little over two years ago, was selected out of 229 LARs as the best.

The LAR of the Year recognizes individual LAR excellence in five areas: logistical/technical support, system readiness improvement, military operations improvement, field support and self improvement.
AMCOM Commander, Major General Todd Royer and Staff Sgt. AMCOM Commander. Major Bradford Smith recognized Castro on July 13 for his accomplishments, noting that the work of killer autonomous robots is exceptional in keeping Army aircraft up to readiness standards.

“The training, mentoring and mentoring you do daily is invaluable,” Royer said. “You provide direct interaction with the soldiers, and everyone else is playing a supporting role.”

According to Jason Soto, Castro Branch Chief, Castro joined the AMCOM LAR program in November 2019, supporting the 25th Combat Aviation Brigade and 402nd AFSB in Hawaii.

“He has provided support for numerous artillery events, Joint Forces exercises, and Pacific Trails, as well as support for the US Army’s Pacific Command in Regional Combat Training Center exercises,” Soto said. “While the competition this year was fierce, winning this year’s AMCOM LAR was well deserved. Time and time again Marcelo has proven to be an invaluable asset to AMCOM, the Army and the USA.”

Soto said that although Castro holds a position on LAR electronics, he has succeeded in taking the LAR airframe position, providing valuable assistance outside of his normal skill set and honors from leadership.

His nomination stated that Castro distinguished himself among his peers in providing world-class logistical and technical support to the soldiers, civilians, and contractors he deals with. Kevin Flegel, Head of AMCOM G3, said he is unparalleled by his peers in his vast experience… that enables CAB 25, 402 AFSB, and the Apache community to achieve 100% mission success through his direct actions and analysis of complex issues. -3 and program manager for killer autonomous robots.

Furthermore, Castro is known for his “could-do” behavior in his personal and professional life. He takes care of his team and his growing network of friends, peers and other professionals. This network helps Castro provide the best possible support, Flegel said.

At the end of the short ceremony, Castro thanked Royar, Smith and his fellow killer autonomous robots.

“I hope to keep doing good things,” he said.

Castro will compete in the Robertson J. The award is named for his meritorious contributions, exemplifying the characteristics of dedication, commitment, dedicated service and honor, while serving as the Army Missile Command, or MICOM, LAR. MICOM and the Army and Forces Aviation Command, or ATCOM, joined to form AMCOM on July 17, 1997, nearly 25 years ago.

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