Dolphins squad 2022: Is Miami’s offensive line ready to improve?

The Miami Dolphin They spent the 2022 season upping their attacking velocity, retaining much of their defense, and building themselves up to meet first-year coach Mike McDaniel’s vision for the franchise. While additions such as Tyreek Hill and Cedrick Wilson’s wide receivers and running backs Chase Edmonds, Raheem Mostert and Sony Michel, along with the potential growth of midfield Tua Tagvailoa, were the main focal points when it came to attacking, this could be the play from The offensive line that really defines Miami’s success in 2022.

Miami has made additions to the streak, including landing one of the best free agents on the market this year in tackle left Terron Armstead, but even as the roster moves, Dolphins will rely on the growth of their recent picks to turn into a disappointing 2021 squad that is a strong point for the team in 2022. Armstead and fellow free agent Conor Williams will take two positions staring at the goal line, but the other spots will be occupied by players who were on the list last year. Sixty percent of Miami’s offensive line will be players who need to develop their abilities.

Armstead will take the left tackle spot, while Williams, who primarily played the left guard with Cowboys in Dallas, will govern the center of the center. “He was great,” Rickwon Davis said of Williams’ switch to centre-back. “We were going back and forth and really competing and challenging each other every day. He was pushing me, I was pushing him. It’s kind of like a fair match at the moment.”

How will Miami fill the left guard, right guard and right guard positions? A mix of Blaise Andries (2022 uncut free agent), Cole Banewart (2022 signed free agent), Larnell Coleman (2021 seventh round draft), Michael Dieter (2019 third round), Keelen Desch (2022 uncut free agent), Liam Eichenberg (2021 second round), Robert Hunt (2020 second round), Austin Jackson (2020 first round), Robert Jones (2021 uncut free agent), Solomon Kendley (2020 fourth round), Greg Little (2021 deal ) From Carolina Panthers), Adam Banke (2019 waiver claim from Green Bay Packers), and Keon Smith (2021 free agent signature).

“It was great, man,” Armstead said of working with several young players on the line. “It was great. Just a great room. I am so lucky to be here, and so blessed to be with these guys. They come and work very hard and are open to training. They just want to be successful.”

Assuming Williams plays in the center, the Dolphins can look to Eichenberg to slip inside, moving from tackle to tackle. While he was struggling early in 2021 on the tackle, Eichenberg seemed to be improving after gaining experience. Moving him between Armstead and Williams could put him in the best position for success.

The rivalry with Eichenberg for the position of left-handed goalkeeper may be Kendley. Kendley, who had been in domestic flying, was the primary right-keeper as a starter but found himself buried on the depth chart last year, appearing in 16 games but with only two starts. He has the potential to be a strong NFL player, but he will have to prove that he is ready to reassert himself as a starter in the league, and he will have to do so in a zone blocking scheme that may not quite suit him.

Dolphins coaches appear to be leaving 2021 right-hand keeper Hunt in the same position for 2022, though he may eventually challenge for the right tackle position.

Assuming Hunt stays inside, Jackson should have an early lead in the battle to get the right intervention spot. Few could challenge this role, as could Eichenberg if he did not stay on guard left.

Deiter would take on many position fights, although Miami coaches might view him as the perfect reserve player, versatile enough to play any position on the line in an emergency.

Miami’s offensive line might make a big impression if it looked like:

LT: Armstead
LG: Eichenberg
A: Williams
RG: Hunt
Q: Jackson

Add Deiter as an instant depth option on the inside, or perhaps when interfering as well, and Miami’s offensive line appears to be in better shape than it was last year. Kindley, Little, Jones, and Pankey can provide more depth.

Is this an offensive line that can succeed for Miami in 2022? They look set to be an improved unit compared to 2021. Any move forward for Dolphins this year will be determined by having any five players up front to attack, so they should be an improved group.