Best NBA match for Caleb Hustan and Moussa Diabatti

year 2022 NBA Draft Only two days away. Dozens of young players will get the chance to pursue their career dreams and start their career in the NBA. two Michigan Wolverines They could be drafted Thursday, with Caleb Hustan and Moussa Diabat remaining in the draft after one year in Ann Arbor.

There is no doubt that both men are talented, but they will need a little time to develop before they contribute regularly to the NBA.

Here are some of the best possible fits for Houstan and Diabate.

Caleb Hostan

Golden State Warriors (Draft choices: 28, 51)

This game is very apt for obvious reasons – Warriors have been the most successful franchise of the past 10 years. Since 2013, their number has reached six The NBA Finals He won four of them.

To say they have organizational stability is an understatement, as they have shown in the past few seasons that youngsters can thrive, giving them the patience to keep up with the pace of the NBA without requiring them to do too much. Guys like Jordan Paul, Jonathan Kominga and Moses Moody have been a key part of the Warriors winning the championship this season, and they should continue to grow because of the team they play for.

This is the kind of organization that a Houstonian can thrive on. It can take some time to fully develop and grow into a Warriors offensive system. Until he reaches his full potential, he can thrive in a role where he is not expected to do anything more than make three-pointers and be a key cog in defense.

Memphis Grizzlies (Draft choices: 22, 29)

This is another organization in which young players can thrive. Men like Desmond Bean and Xavier Tillman are already contributing as staples to their careers a few years later.

Like Parker Fleming from SB Grizzly Bear Blues He indicated in his survey report, Hustan is a bit like Zaire Williams’ entry into the draft. But partly because of the Grizzlies’ development infrastructure, Williams is in a great position to grow as a player.

If recruited by Memphis, Hustan would be able to take some time to evolve and possibly grow into a 3D man for them.

New Orleans Pelicans (Draft choices: 8, 41, 52)

Houstan could add a lot to the Pelicans, who were a fan favorite for a few weeks when they knocked out the tournament and claimed a 64-time win. Phoenix Suns Six matches.

The Pelicans are a fun young team and they are sure to improve, but they are in desperate need of a three-point shot. The only difference Which made a lower percentage of last season’s hat-tricks are Orlando MagicAnd the Detroit Pistons And the Oklahoma City Thunder.

On the Pelicans, Houstan can provide this three-point shot and could complement a striker like Brandon Ingram well. The Pelicans are a team to watch here, as they have a pick in the middle of the second round, which is where most forwards would expect a Michigan striker.

Moussa Diabat

Boston Celtics (Draft selection: 53)

What we just saw in the NBA Finals with Robert Williams was a glimpse of what we could see in the NBA from Diabatti: a big guy who can bounce back, defend the paint and be a powerful threat despite being limited in attack.

The Celtics didn’t have the biggest track record with recent draft picks, but playing alongside playmakers like Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart would be huge for Diabate’s development.

Detroit Pistons (Draft picks: 5, 46)

This may have been my talk about my unfounded Detroit athletic optimism, but for the first time in years the Pistons have clear direction and a good group of young players at Kid Cunningham and a friend of Bay and Isaiah Stewart.

as such I recently discussed with Steve Pelletier from Detroit Bad Boys, of the Michigan men, Diabate could be the best suited for the Pistons in a reserve position role behind Stewart. Training a guy like Stewart and playing pick-and-roll with Cunningham would do wonders for his development, too.

Diabate could have a long NBA career as a center that does the dirty work and has a few big adventures on the other end, and the Pistons could use another piece in the front zone.

Portland Trail Blazers (Draft choices: 7, 36, 59)

Trail Blazers have two choices in the second round, and I can see them using one of those choices to swing the Diabate.

Portland is looking to quickly reorganize and return to the playoffs game as Damien Lillard approaches the end of his peak period of fame. Diabate is the guy the Blazers can hook up right away as a rim guard that can help with their rebound problems (Trail Blazers are ranked at the bottom of the league in every major rebound category).

Portland has a lot of guys fighting to play right now, and Diabatti could separate himself from these guys if they were thrown into the fire. He can also learn a few things offensively from Jusuf Nurkic and can do well in a Pick-and-Roll game with Lillard and Anfernee Simons.