Austin Dillon, Whitney Dillon share parenting challenges: video

Live life in the fast lane! While Austin Dillon used for Fast cars driving on the NASCAR circuitThe professional athlete and his wife, Whitney Dillon (née Ward), I found it Parenting is a whole new arena.

“Center [our relationship] Off God first and foremost, and knowing that Whitney constantly reminds me of, you know, “Put the phone down, it’s time for family time,” the 32-year-old race car driver said EXCLUSIVELY. us weekly On Tuesday, June 21, while promoting it Austin Dillon’s life in Fastlane Documentary series in a joint interview with Whitney, 32.I’m constantly working on our race or PBR [professional bull riding] Team [I founded]. So when we sit down to have time for each other, we’ve been really working on it and just working together and pushing each other into our jobs and what we love to do. And you know, since we had [our son] Ace, we’ve really set our minds on it.”

the couple who Wednesday in December 2017 After two years of dating, They welcomed their first child in June 2020.

“Wow, whitneydillon, you amaze me every single day! This is by far your biggest achievement yet. My love for you and @acedillon3 is Agape Love,” Austin streamed via Instagram At that time, share Hospital photo of a family of three. “The hardest thing I had to do was say goodbye to go racing today. We hope to come Return the cup to Ace On the first day we welcomed him into this world! 👶🏻 ♠ ️

Life in Fast Lane's Austin and Whitney Dillon Share Parenting Challenges

Austin and Whitney Dillon Isaac Brecken/Associated Press/Shutterstock

While NASCAR races require a lot of training, the North Carolina native notes that he doesn’t hold the parenting candle.

“Hey man, Racing after young children [is] Certainly more difficult Sure,” Austin joked we Tuesday. “Oh, I’m sure [the ‘terrible twos’ are] at. I mean, he has his fits now. He’s a little lover [and we’re] We started calling him “Bam Bam”. [because] He runs around with everything and rips things apart.”

Nearly two years after the birth of their little boy, the couple has been feasting on his outstanding features and Dealing with parenting struggles – Including Get rid of your beloved pacifier.

“He just has [his binky] at night and We got rid of him once alreadyDaytona 500 Champion we. “So we have to go back to it. But yeah, that, you know, it just works, like, talk to him [and] Trying to get him to deliver his words is probably the biggest thing.”

He added, “But [Ace] He knows where to point and goes to pick out his own meals, like, he’s going to go to the fridge and pull out exactly what he wants. So, yeah, he’s doing a good job.”

While Austin and Whitney focus on developing Ace, they can’t help but look forward to his future as a potential racer.

Shop owner The WM revealed: ‘I’d love it’ we Tuesday. “I I’d love if Ace was a race car driver And the three took over and truly carry on the family legacy [because] Thats all about it. All about the family at RCR [Richard Childress Racing]. “

Life in Fast Lane's Austin and Whitney Dillon Share Parenting Challenges

Austin, Whitney, and Ace Dillon Phelan M Ebenhack / AP / Shutterstock

Austin, for his part, added: “I just want him to have drive and commitment in everything he does, whatever it is, if it’s a sport, if it’s anything he wants to do, I just want him to have that commitment to lead. [and] Passion to do that, and I want to support and educate him if I can teach him and help him.”

As Austin and Whitney’s brood expands, so do they Documenting their lives in a name Austin Dillon’s life in Fastlane Documentary series.

The former Tennessee Titans fan explained of their reality TV experience, “We live a really crazy life, so it’s great to see all the on-track activities and then the off-track activities that we do as well.” “I am so excited about our family dinners that we always have a lot of fun with our dinners. And so our dinner scenes are fun and exciting.”

She added, “It’s great because now when we’re shooting, We all have to be together. And so I love that aspect of it that it pushes our family together even more.”

While teasing the couple’s West Coast road trip for an upcoming episode, Austin has opened up about why the couple is keen to show their world on TV.

“I think opening our eyes to NASCAR [for] People who’ve never seen it before and what do we do to get to the track and then onto the track.” “So, just scrolling behind the scenes of what the family is going through in NASCAR.”

Austin Dillon’s life in Fastlane Premieres on USA Network Thursday, June 23 at 9:30 p.m. ET.

With a report by Cristina Garibaldi

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