4 Worst Foods to Lose Weight Fast, Says a Dietitian – Eating That Isn’t

when you try lose weight fastYou usually choose healthy food options that are not just limited to that Low in calories But it is low in unhealthy ingredients like refined sugar. The only problem with that is that while we might think some foods are good for quick weight loss, it turns out that their ingredients say otherwise. Most of the time, you may not even know it if you are actively reading Nutrition label.

When it comes to figuring out which foods aren’t worth eating, you may not know where to turn. How can you be sure that you are choosing the right options? We’ve put together a list of some foods to stay away from that were once thought to help you lose weight but can actually harm your quick weight loss goals. To learn more about shedding pounds fast, be sure to check out The 4 best drinks to lose weight fast, says a dietitian.

dried fruit
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You might think that because it’s a fruit, you’ll get the same benefits as eating the fresh version. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

dried fruit It has some benefits and can be a great alternative to sweet snacks like candy. However, you need to be careful what is good for you. Some dried fruits contain additional sweeteners. In fact, an average ounce of dried fruit contains about 16 grams of sugar. Because this snack is considered “healthy,” you’ll be convinced to grab a handful of them, which won’t support your quick weight-loss goals.

diet soda
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Just because it has the word “diet” on it, doesn’t mean you should add it to your regimen!

“If you’re a soda lover, you might be tempted to switch to diet soda to lose weight,” he says. Lisa R. YoungPh.D., RDNauthor Finally full, finally skinnyAnd the share cashier plan. “But drinking it may backfire in the weight loss department.”

Young says that drinking diet soda It may increase cravings for sugar. She also suggests that many people also drink diet soda along with eating unhealthy foods like French fries or crackers, making the drink even more harmful to your body.

granola bars
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Although it may seem rather easy and healthy grab and go Snack or breakfast, sure Traditional granola bars They can be loaded with unhealthy ingredients like sugar and hydrogenated oils. They also do not contain a lot of protein, which makes them a non-nutritive food choice.

The same goes for the regular granola. Although it tastes good and can be a crunchy and sweet addition, it is not substantial.

Not only will you feel full for a longer period of time, but you are putting the wrong ingredients into your body that won’t help you lose weight.

If you’re still interested in the idea of ​​an easy tape to help fill you in, check out the labels for those with Lots of protein With less sugars.

frozen yogurt
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Another example of a food that has the term positive weight loss in the title is fat-free frozen yogurt. Fat-free doesn’t always mean it’s better for you, and frozen yogurt is no exception.

“Yes, it’s fat-free, but it’s full of sugar and can cause weight gain if you eat too much,” Young says. “A lot of people think they have a ‘free pass’ when it comes to eating lean products.”

Young also mentions that, unlike Greek YogurtThe frozen version contains few nutrients, including protein.

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