3M Open head tears players leaving PGA Tour, calls Saudi Golf a ‘pain’

The twisted-swing kid who made a name for himself three summers ago as the first 3M Open winner won’t be returning to Blaine in 2022. He may never participate in a PGA Tour event again. On Monday, Matthew Wolff was among the latest players to defect from Leaf golfThe Saudi-backed big money league that dominated … Read more

The most popular tennis podcast is the tennis podcast

Wimbledon, England – At the moment French Open director Amelie Mauresmo said women’s tennis wasn’t as attractive as men’s right now, there was little doubt she would get a chance. Among the objectors was a British woman named Catherine Whitaker, who performed a stinging 10-minute 35-second Mauresmo on an increasingly influential program, “The Tennis Podcast.” … Read more

The Dallas Cowboys didn’t “blow up” the list with off-season moves

There is a lot of resentment of the negative approach of Cowboys in Dallas (Read: Stephen Jones) They were taken out of season. We’ve only seen three free agent contracts, and none of them have moved any needles. As expected, the focus was on draft and contract moves involving their players. But another view has … Read more

Fireworks, NASCAR Parade on America Street

Sheboygan – The 4th of July weekend is here. From Venice boat parade The fireworks in Sheboygan to NASCAR Race in Rhode AmericaSheboygan County offers plenty of ways to celebrate. Here’s a look at some of the fun activities planned over the weekend throughout Sheboygan County. Sheboygan hosts the Venice Parade, fireworks and live music … Read more

World leaders face ‘ocean emergency’ at UN conference

Placeholder while loading article actions The ocean covers about 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, but it is often absent from discussions about tackling climate change, plastic pollution, biodiversity loss, and other pressing environmental threats facing the planet. Thousands of scientists and activists hope to change the conversation at this week’s United Nations Ocean Conference … Read more

Building a sustainable path towards a planetary knowledge system – EURACTIV.com

The global Internet that keeps our information system rich and powerful is at risk. Policies aimed at ensuring technology neutrality, portability, and interoperability are urgent, cautioned Juan Ortiz Froeller and Stefano Quintarelli. Juan Ortiz Froeller is a researcher at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School. Stefano Quintarelli is an … Read more

Novel gel proves itself as a highly tunable color filter

SeedGel can act as a temperature sensitive gateway for a specific wavelength of light. Here, we see a representation of the light passing through the gel. Because it is heated through a certain range of temperatures, the gel initially grows opaque to all but the individual colors. Then as the temperature rises, it first allows … Read more

Mental health study finds nurses ‘changed forever’ due to pandemic

The authors of a new study warn that nurses are “changed forever” because of what they have seen and experienced during the coronavirus pandemic. The research included in-depth interviews with 27 nurses in the UK about the impact of the pandemic on their mental health and well-being, and found that many were considering leaving the … Read more

Health benefits of blueberries

an introductionWhat are blueberries?nutritional profileFunctional componentsSpecific health benefitsconclusionreferencesin-depth reading As the saying goes, you are what you eat. Therefore, a balanced diet is essential for good health and should contain a variety of elements. These include starchy foods (potatoes, pasta, bread) protein-rich foods such as meat, fish or plant sources, dairy or dairy substitutes, and … Read more

Men also have pelvic floor pain – and they can benefit when they exercise regularly

Kegel and pelvic floor exercises are usually associated with “women’s work” – think pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. But men also have a pelvic floor. Just like women, men at different times in their lives can benefit from pelvic floor training to treat a variety of health issues. About 30% of men who see a doctor … Read more