Wood Brothers Celebrates 100 Years of Ford in Support of Disabled American Veterans in St. Louis

Harrison Burton Gate

The #21 Motorcraft/Quick Lane Ford Mustang will celebrate 100 years of the relationship between Ford and American veterans with disabilities at the Gateway. Photo from Wood Brothers Racing.

The #21 Motorcraft/Quick Lane Ford Mustang will celebrate the 100-year relationship between Ford and DAV (American Disabled Veterans) with a unique paint scheme at the NASCAR Cup Series race in St. Louis on June 5.

In 1922, Henry Ford introduced 50 T Fords to help disabled veterans of World War I attend the Second National DAV Convention. DAV, founded in the aftermath of World War I, helps more than one million veterans access health care and the benefits they received through military service each year.

“All of us at Ford are incredibly proud of our 100-year relationship with DAV,” said Joe Avila, director of community development for Ford Motor Company Fund. “It’s an honor to continue growing our relationship, which began with providing vehicles to veterans, and has expanded over the years to ensure more veterans have access to reliable transportation to get to healthcare and medical appointments.”

DAV created its own transmission network in 1987. Since 1996, Ford has donated 247 vehicles. DAV members and their families have purchased more than 30,000 Ford vehicles through the Ford X-Plan Partner Recognition Program. Ford Transits and Explorers are among those available and some include mobility solutions to meet the needs of disabled veterans. Every Ford DAV has a standard exterior graphics package. For the St. Louis race, the #21 Mustang Motorcraft/Quick Lane Ford Mustang will have a paint scheme that symbolizes those graphics.

“We are thrilled to highlight 100 years of collaboration between DAV and Ford in this way,” said Mark Burgess, Director and CEO of DAV National. “We provide over 500,000 rides to our veterans every year, and that wouldn’t be possible without us supplying Ford cars. Of course, we also need drivers for those cars and the amazing DAV volunteers. The DAV St. Louis class is fantastic, so it is very helpful to view this special paint scheme in their community.”

Ford’s involvement with the veteran community also extends to the job market. The company employs nearly 6000 veterans. Since 2019, the Ford-Lincoln Veteran Career Program has been part of New Ford Tech, which attracts and trains the next generation of Ford service technicians.

“The Motorcraft/Quick Lane Racing team is pleased to celebrate the combined efforts of Ford and DAV to support veterans,” said Gina Scapacci, Ford Customer Service Director (FCSD). “One of the goals of our FCSD is to attract new technicians. In just a few years, agents enrolled in the Veteran Jobs Program have hired hundreds of veterans through a 24-month GI Bill approved apprenticeship program. These veterans are highly skilled and experienced, which returns Benefit our service departments right away.”

May is Military Appreciation Month, which NASCAR and Wood Brothers Racing recognize each season. Among those honored for service each spring is Leonard Wood, one of the patriarchs of Wood Brothers Racing, who applied his engineering acumen while serving in the Army as a mechanic.

“Our family has had a fortune supporting them from Ford for more than 70 years, so we are proud to celebrate 100 years of the Ford and DAV partnership to help veterans,” said Eddie Wood, Partner at Wood Brothers Racing. . “Caring for the men and women of our service, especially those who have been wounded, is a duty we all share as Americans.”

The NASCAR Cup Series race in St. Louis will be broadcast on June 5 on FS1 and begins at 3:30 p.m. ET.

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