Where does IU Basketball stand in the pre-season rankings after the return of Trace Jackson-Davis

The Indiana star returns to the front Trace Jackson Davis she has Hoosiers are trending up, not just by Fan base but also many college basketball predictions.

Entering the next season, fSome teams in the Big Ten or the nation will do that show off A returning talent like the Hoosiers, this has led to widespread optimism about what head coach Mike Woodson’s side might be able to achieve. While Jackson-Davis’s return for season four gives IU one of the most productive court players in the country, he’s joining a big man in year six. Thomson racestarting point guard Xavier Johnson Senior launch forward Miller Cupamong others, as the main returnees in the fall.

Although the past IU’s season failed See his name in The Associated Press Top-25 ratings at any time during the campaign, which can change just as next season Approaches and pre-season polls continue to emerge.

Below is a current demo of where IU stands across from the media’s pre-season predictions, and what forecasters have to say about the Hoosiers’ future future.

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Gary Parish (CBS Sports): No. 17 Indiana | “The Hoosiers’ ranking is based on Indiana returning the top three strikers from the NCAA Championship-making team—among them Trayce Jackson-Davis, who could be a nominee for the Big Ten Player of the Year award. The Indiana enlistment category is ranked fifth nationally and has been highlighted by five-star prospective Galen Hood-Chevino and Renault owner.”

Kevin Flaherty (247 sports): No. 22 Indiana | “Some will have Hoosiers higher than this, and the optimism is easy to understand if Trayce Jackson-Davis returns to Bloomington for another year, where he will join Xavier Johnson, Race Thompson, Miller Kopp, Trey Galloway and Tamar Bates. Five-star futuristic Jalen Hood-Schifino and Malik Reneau have skill sets to create instant effects. But as good as this team can be defensively, and they are also a strong team, finding formations that can pair toughness, defense and outside shooting is troubling.”

Jeff Goodman (stadium): No. 9 Indiana | “With Jackson-Davis returning to Bloomington, the Hoosiers have taken back most of their key pieces from the NCAA Championship team. They also added two talented new students at Hood, Chevino and Renault.”

Jeff Borzello (ESPN): No. 15 Indiana | “While this arrangement mostly comes down to whether Trace Jackson Davis Choosing to go pro or back to Bloomington, the Hoosiers have some insurance in the form of a five-star big man Renault owner, who got out of Florida after changing training there and chose Indiana. If Jackson-Davis returns to the Hoosiers, Mike Woodson will bring back four Rookies from a team that won 21 games, reached the NCAA Championship—and then added two five-star recruits. Given continuity and experience, the Big Ten’s No. 1 defensive team should impress once again at that end of the floor. But the Hoosiers will need to be more consistent in attack. They ranked near the bottom of the league in shooting, on and off the arc, and were 10th in the Big Ten in adjusted offensive efficiency.”

Bart Turvik (T-rank): No. 12 Indiana | Torvik doesn’t provide a publicity stunt for each team individually, however, and it’s worth noting that his stats-based predictions have the Hoosiers as the number one team in the Big Ten and the 12th seed nationally. Last season, IU was ranked 26th in Torvik’s form, largely due to defensive proficiency which ranked 16th in the country. Before next season, Torvik expects IU to be the 23rd-ranked offensive and 10th defense in the nation. The drop also scores the Hoosiers tab for finishing with a 23-7 overall record and a 14-6 conference record. While those metrics may seem huge, if IU can make her stride early in the season, there’s a distinct possibility that she could come close to matching expectations.

Andy Katz (NCAA.com, Big Teen Network): #1 in Big Ten | “At the moment, before June 1, which is the official withdrawal date (NBA draft) for NCAA athletes, I’m going with Indiana number one in the Big Ten. They’re skipping Michigan State and Michigan, why? It might be Trayce Jackson-Davis, Top Ten Player of the Year. Joining Race Thompson, Xavier Johnson, Jordan Geronimo and Tamar Bates, a high recruiting class that Mike Woodson feels makes an impact in the players. All together, another year under Mike Woodson, with the way they played defense at the end of the season, especially in the Big Championship Ten and early in the NCAA tournament, I think Indiana could be a pre-season favorite in the Big Ten.”