What did Chael Sonnen say about NASCAR being written?

Shel Sonnen He recently posted a video on his YouTube channel in which he explained the UFC legend that NASCAR is written.

Sonnen didn’t feel comfortable calling the sport “fake” but compared it to a movie or professional wrestling:

“So, when I [Chael Sonnen] I made that piece, there were some commentary sections because I put in very lightly, I gently outlined the fact that NASCAR is written…I don’t know what to call it, I don’t like calling it fake. When you call professional wrestling this word “fake”, it really annoys people. Because you don’t call a movie fake, you don’t call Shakespeare’s work fake, you don’t call Seinfeld and Saturday Night Live, and you don’t call these things fake.”

Watch Sonnen discuss NASCAR on his YouTube channel here:

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Although Sonnen didn’t want to call a fake NASCAR, he thought he wouldn’t be wrong if he did. The UFC legend went on to point out that NASCAR is repetitive and should not produce different results at every race. Races are often won by different drivers, which leads to Sonnen’s idea of ​​the sport being written:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. NASCAR doesn’t just do the same thing over and over, you get a different result.”

Sonnen said NASCAR is “more straightforward” to discover it’s written and to compare races to horse racing. Horses are often judged based on where the race starts, the weather, and other nuances – which are similar to NASCAR nuances.

The UFC legend continued the debate on Twitter, calling the Daytona 500 “written entertainment” and jokingly mentioning Elon Musk’s entry into a Tesla race.

I enjoy being frustrated by people who thought the Daytona 500 was competition rather than written entertainment. The theories you have about leadership and its “techniques” are valuable. Pray to God in the sky above that Tweet embed Tesla does not enter.

if Tweet embed If you spent one year getting TESLA into DAYTONA, you would have to make special rules to slow the landslide, like 1/2 pit stop. He will win with or without a Jabroni driver. There’s no Hill Jack out there denying this.

Shil Sonnen Is Excited To Fight Buddy Pemblet After Jordan Levitt’s Promise

Shel Sonnen He doesn’t usually keep his opinion to himself, even when talking about current UFC fighters and their upcoming matches.

The UFC legend is excited to see her Buddy pimpleNext fight after Liverbodleian opponent’s comments Jordan Levitt Made in an interview:

“For the first time ever, I am now interested in who Buddy’s opponent is. He said he would leave him unconscious, and then he would attack him. If there was any reason to watch a fight in the history of being a fan of the industry, Jordan just gave it to you.”

Watch Sonnen talk about Jordan Leavitt below:

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Both fighters are currently unranked, which usually makes it all the more important for them to make a name for themselves in the UFC. The Monkey King has definitely gained a fan in Sonnen and the talk of trash will make more hype for the fight.

Pemblet will be in front of his home crowd at the O2 Arena, which could have an awkward atmosphere should “The Baddy” lose.