Watch Paddington Bear and Queen Elizabeth have tea in this Platinum Comedy Jubilee video

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The Queen couldn’t be there in person due to her mobility issues, but she was so present in spirit on Saturday that rappers, rock stars and a very famous teddy bear sent Her Majesty their best wishes from a giant platform outside Buckingham Palace. Part of the “Platinum Party at the Palace”.

The royal guests of honor are Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Prince William and Kate Middleton, Princess Anne, with her husband and children, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, and Prince Andrew’s daughters Beatrice and Eugenie. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are absent.

The event opened, in scenes that recall the famous 2012 James Bond London Olympics drawingwith a televised skit depicting Paddington Bear.

The short film opened with footage of a man presented taking two cups of tea on a tray to a table at Buckingham Palace and placing them in front of Paddington and the Queen.

Paddington stated, “Thanks for hosting me, I hope you have a wonderful jubilee.”

Paddington then offered Her Majesty a cup of tea with the expected messy results, which included placing a paw on a cream cake whose filling had been sprinkled all over the foot of actor and writer Simon Farnaby, who wrote Paddington Movies It is understood that he wrote the schematic diagram.

Audiences watch a film of Queen Elizabeth II having tea with Paddington Bear on a large screen during the Palace’s Platinum Gala in front of Buckingham Palace in London on the third day of Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee celebrations.

Victoria Jones/PA Images via Getty Images

Paddington then shows the Queen a marmalade sandwich from under his hat before the Queen opens her handbag and produces one of her own, telling Paddington, “Keep me here.”

Then Paddington said: Happy Jubilee, madam. And thanks for everything.”

The king replied simply: “That’s very nice.”

The two-and-a-half-minute segment ends with Farnaby walking to the window, saying, “The party is about to begin, Your Majesty.”

Then the Queen and the Bear started tapping the beat of Queens we will Rock You over a Chinese cup of tea, which was then combined with the same song played live as the opening track of the concert.

The drawing was kept so strictly confidential that even Her Majesty’s children and grandchildren were said to have been surprised.

A palace spokesperson said: “Her Majesty is known for her sense of humor, so it’s no wonder she decided to take part in tonight’s drawing. There was an interest in the filming and animation process and the opportunity to invite a famous bear for tea was a lot of fun.”

People gather along The Mall for the Platinum Party at The Palace Gala outside Buckingham Palace on June 4, 2022 in London, United Kingdom.

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A series of messages of appreciation for Her Majesty punctuated throughout the ceremony, with Daniel Craig saying he would “follow you anywhere” and Michelle Obama thanking the Queen for the “real warmth” to her and her children, saying she was “deeply honored” to spend time with you over the years.

Towards the end of the ceremony, Prince Charles went up on stage with Camilla by his side, and began by saying, “Your Majesty,” followed by a long, dramatic pause before sarcastically adding “Mummy.”

He said the weekend festivities were her family, country, Commonwealth and “the whole world” way of saying “thank you”.

He remembered his father, Prince Philip, saying he would have enjoyed the show and had “missed him so much this evening, but I’m sure he’s here in spirit”.

Charles said, “What really gets my mother up in the morning is all of you, ladies and gentlemen, all watching at home, and the cast here tonight in this great audience.” He spoke of the Queen’s role in celebrating patriotic moments, “pride, joy, and happiness.” He said, “She (the Queen) has met us and talked to us. She laughed and cried with us.”

Referring to the Paddington sketch that opened the ceremony, Charles said his mother was now going to finish her “marmalade sandwich” and spoke of her “deep regret” that she could not attend, but said that Windsor Castle was “barely 20 miles away” urging the crowd to The chant was loud enough for the king to hear.

Prince William took to the stage after a sequence focusing on environmental issues led by the great British naturalist Sir David Attenborough.

Referring to Charles and the late Prince Philip, he said he was “so proud of my grandfather and father” for their work in the field. He added, “While no one’s grandmother thanks them for talking about their ages, my grandmother has been alive for nearly a century. At that time, humanity has benefited from unimaginable technological advances.”

He said that “the urgent need to protect and restore our planet has never been more urgent.” William said that, like the Queen, he was an “optimist” and praised the young people for their refusal to “accept the status quo” and to work “to restore the planet” and said they would be able to say, “What a wonderful world.”

Elton John, best known for performing “Candle in the Wind” at Diana’s funeral, played via a pre-recorded video his 1971 classic “Your Song.”

The ceremony was to be led by Diana Ross. Introduced by Lin-Manuel Miranda a Hamilton Sequence with vocals on one of the most famous songs from that play, vocals: “You say, everybody’s going to take a bank vacation…”

British guitarist Brian May performs at the Platinum Concert at Buckingham Palace on 4 June 2022 as part of the platinum jubilee celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II.

Jonathan Bookmaster/Paul/AFP via Getty Images

Saturday saw a flurry of royal activity as the Queen’s family spread across the country to represent the 96-year-old monarch. Due to the recurrence of what the palace calls “occasional mobility issues”, the Queen herself was unable to appear in public.

Her granddaughter, Zara Tindall, was at the legendary horse race The Derby with her mother, Princess Anne, 71, who represented the Queen. Zara, 41, raised a smile when she said her grandmother was “just fine” and added, “She’ll just sit on the sofa and watch TV. She’ll be in her comfy clothes.”

However, one of the biggest protestors of the day were the Cambridge children: Charlotte and George visited Cardiff with their parents William and Kate (although the new royal star Prince Louis did not attend).

Other guests at the party are Queen + Adam Lambert, Alicia Keys, Hans Zimmer, Ella Air, Craig David, Mabel, Elbo and George Ezra. Doran Duran, Andrea Bocelli, Mimi Webb, Sam Ryder, Jax Jones, Celeste, Nile Rodgers, Sir Rod Stewart, and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Stefflon Don performs during the platinum party at the Palace.

Jacob King/PA Images via Getty Images