Vladimir Solovyov, the official Russian TV reporter, was humiliated by a fed up guest on his own show

Determined to cancel support for Ukraine in constant self-defense against Russian aggressionThe Kremlin issued a series of threats against the West, amplified and echoed by pliant state media. But rather than scare NATO into retreat, this strategy appears to be causing something of a domestic fallout, as large numbers of ordinary Russians fear the notion of impending nuclear war pushed by its promoters. It now appears that even the most devoted advocates are becoming concerned about the side effects of tWhat are the Kremlin’s fear tactics?.

Thursday’s official TV show, The evening with Vladimir SolovyovIt began with a familiar speech but was met with some unexpected resistance. The host, Vladimir Solovyov, shouted and excitedly threatened West: “I am tired of them! Read constantly about everything they are going to come up with next, like their new lists of sanctions, thinking, “You guys, I am tired of you!”

Solovyov, who lost his multi-million dollar villas in Italy to Western sanctions, complained bitterly about the growing The cost of Putin’s invasion Ukraine. Rather than suggesting the withdrawal of Russian troops from the neighbours’ lands, the state TV announcer followed what appeared to be an officially approved rhetoric, promoting the idea of ​​an unprecedented escalation.

“I don’t mind when fools try to rule the world, but it annoys me when they are so nervous. If you want war with us, declare war, so we can start swinging!” he shouted. The host quoted statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Vice-President of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev, threatening to retaliate for the expected damage to Russian assets due to advanced weapons systems scheduled for delivery to Ukraine. Solovyov recounted: “Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin] Clearly said and Dmitriy Anatolyevich [Medvedev] He said clearly, we will strike at the decision-making centers – and those that are not in Kyiv.” Solovyov’s message was on a par with the common message Trait On Russian state TV: Nuclear war is imminent, but death for the motherland is the best way to go.

But there was one critic in the studio who grew tired of fear-mongering — and he made it known. When it was his turn to speak, political scientist Sergei Mikheev could not contain his anger. “There is a deluge of information, including in our mainstream media, about how horrific and horrible everything is. About 500 times a day, on every channel, on every talk show, they talk about how many guns are being sent out, how horrible they are.”

In a rare case of transparency on Russian state television, Mikheev admitted that he believed changes in public opinion were destabilizing the entire country. Working with public opinion is very important, because stability within the country depends on the stability of public opinion. Public opinion, day and night, only hears about the characteristics of foreign weapons, and does not understand what will happen next,” he said, “they tell us,” terrible weapons are getting there, and they keep coming and coming. [Ukraine] You promised not to use it a certain way, but most likely you would anyway – and that would lead to World War III. Then we were told, ‘Calm down, comrades, everything will be fine. Don’t worry, you don’t have to worry. “

Solovyov had claimed that Russia “could spit” on weapons provided to Ukraine for self-defense against Russian aggression, boasting more advanced weapons specially manufactured for a future confrontation with NATO. “We were expecting this,” Solovyov said. “Everyone understood that after we destroyed all the weapons of Ukraine – which happened a long time ago, and we destroyed all the weapons of Soviet manufacture – the time will come to disarm NATO.”

What is this? Is this a normal approach? Is this the way to work with public opinion? People are worried.

The host said lightly to the audience: “Just calm down. Our men are doing their job. They are doing it right. All the hysteria in the West confirms that we are heading towards our goal. Of course, we would like it to be faster, but how can we leave our flanks unprotected? We cannot expose Kaliningrad or the frontier With Finland. We understand: our next operation may be war with NATO.”

Mikheev challenged the host on this point as well. Complaining about the messages used by many of the prominent state media mouthpieces, the critic noted with apparent exacerbation: “It rolls: these will send [weapons] So will others again and again; They will most likely try to use it. The common man asks: “What will happen next?” The answer: Be calm, comrades. Then comes the third world war. Keep working, don’t worry about anything, keep paying attention to your work. Nuclear war is coming. That’s it.’

Staring at Solovyov, Mikheev asked, “What is this? Is this a normal approach? Is this the way to work with public opinion? I think this is something to think about … People are worried. Realistically, we have a large number of people who are very interested in this.” command.”

Unconvinced, the host immediately dismissed the political world’s concerns about maintaining some measure of sanity in order to protect public opinion. Instead, Solovyov chose to follow official guidelines on sending messages to the masses. He answered defiantly, “And after we think about it, there will be a nuclear war.”