The Quebec Fund announces funding for producers under its TV Production Assistance Program

MontrealAnd the June 3, 2022 /CNW Telbec/ – The Kibekor Fund Board of Directors today announced the list of Canadian production companies that will receive financial support in the fund’s Round 44. TV Production Assistance Programapplications closed on April 1, 2022. In this round, the fund will spend a total of more than 2 dollars.4 million.

under Support creation of intellectual property component, 550 thousand dollars Awarded to three projects by Productions KOTV inc. and Productions Squeeze inc. and Carpediem production company. Broadcasters investing in project development are Société Radio-Canada and Télé-Québec. under Supporting the production of intellectual property for international markets The component, launched in partnership with the Canada Media Fund (CMF), the Quebecor Fund contributes to $1,891,667 In this round and CMF $593,333 for total $2,485,000. The Kibekor Fund contribution will be split into nine fictional series produced by Productions Pixcom inc. (International distributor: Pixcom international inc.), Les Productions Sovimage inc. (International distributor: Encore Télévision – Distribution inc.), Trio Orange inc. , Encore Télévision inc. , Aetios Productions inc. , Sphère Média inc. , Les Productions also Inc. , Duo Productions inc. CMF’s contribution will be split over seven of these projects. The selected products will be broadcast Canada On TVA Group, Société Radio-Canada, and Bell Media.

Since its establishment in 1999, Kibekor Fund TV Production Assistance Program Supporting a total of 346 projects involving 98 production companies, 49 Canadian and 59 foreign broadcasters with grants totaling more than $97.2 million with all its components combined. Of the funding awarded since Spring 2017 under the three components of the Kibekor Fund, 21% went to documentaries, 20% to children’s/youth programs, 20% to arts/theatrical arts, and 39% to drama.

Under the TV and multi-platform sections in Convergent production support Component, Kibekor Fund has awarded a total of almost $77.4 million so far.

Count this round 11 of Support creation of intellectual property The component, launched in March 2017, the Kibekor Fund provided reimbursable grants totaling more than $11.4 million to support construction projects in all genres that have received a financial commitment from a recognized French Radio Programming Undertaking (BPU).

Count this seventh round of Supporting the production of intellectual property for international markets The component, launched in April 2019 in partnership with Canada Media Fund (CMF), Quebecor Fund provided repayable grants in excess of 8 dollars.4 million and CMF nearly $4 million, totaling nearly $12.4 million. The money enables Quebec producers to add value to French-language feature films and documentaries, and to break into international markets.

Production projects financed under Tescalation production assistance program

Supporting the production of IP for the component of international markets:

fantasy series

Why are you rich?

When her neighbour, a Mexican refugee, lives CanadaKill, young lawyer! Sarah Dillin She investigates and finds herself over her head when she discovers a web of plots involving environmental terrorists and a powerful mining company.


In 2005, after a liquor-soaked office party, Christian drives Manuela home and things get out of hand. Despite the unfortunate incident, they continue to work together. Then, in 2015, a woman filed a police complaint alleging that Christian raped her. Another woman comes forward, then more. The Christian is a strong man and has a wife and children. The accusations were concealed. Christian is still on top of the world, but how far?

Last summer of berries (Le Temps des Framboises) – season 2

season 2 of Last summer of berries It will continue to explore the powerful global themes of Season 1 with the authenticity, humanity and insight that are the trademark of screenwriters Florence Longbury and Suzy Bouchardand the director Philip Vallardo.


Alex, a struggling single mother, is asked to be a symbolic candidate for a third party. All she has to do is put her face on posters in a car she has no chance of winning so that the party can run a whole slate of candidates. Agree without thinking about it too much. Alex has no doubts that what she thought was a petty service would change her life.

Aller simple – season 2

How far would a group of lifelong friends go to protect one of them? And what happens when things don’t go as planned?

Derniers . repeated

Eleanor (Sarah Jane Labrousse) attorney, Jacob (Pierre-Luc Funk) reporter. Sometimes they fight together, sometimes alone, fighting injustice, embracing desperate causes and fighting rigid institutions to give the underdog a chance and show that the system can work.

Desobéir – Le confusion de Chantal Daigli

The Chantal Degel The case made headlines across Canada In the summer of 1989. Le confusion de Chantal Daigli This is a mini-series thriller about a single young woman’s legal battle and victory that would change abortion law in Canada.

The Ministry of the Interior is not plus – season 2

This season, the path of true love isn’t going smoothly for our heroes. In classic Romcom style, their relationship is constantly thwarted by obstacles: bad timing, love triangles and misunderstandings with Sarah and Jean-François on one side, and Christian and Myriam, who are reconsidering their separation, on the other.

what mir

Mom It tells the complex but lively story of Chantal Bellanger, a woman in her fifties who was released from prison after serving an 18-month sentence for fraud. While she was indoors, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Kibekor Box

The Quebec Fund was established by Videotron Ltd. , a subsidiary of Quebecor Media Inc. , which provides more than 5 dollars.8 million annually in broadcast distribution undertaking (BDU) Canada Film and Television Industry.

Its mission is to support the development, production, marketing and export of high-quality content and its exploitation on various platforms. To date, Kibekor Fund programs have paid out a total of more than $126 million.

The Board of Directors is responsible for all decisions relating to the Fund, including its priorities, and is fully and exclusively responsible for its financing decisions. The date for the next round of funding under the TV Production Assistance Program is Monday, October 3, 2022, unless a notice stating otherwise is posted on the website. For reasons of responsibility and environmental efficiency, all applications for all programs must now be submitted electronically. For more information, please visit the website

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