The Braves launch the opening series against the Titans

Atlanta – Jock Pederson He wore pearls again and Max Fried Another gem was constructed. This may not have been Joctober. But the last stages of the brave 2-1 home win On the Giants Monday night in Trust Park definitely brought back memories of last year’s postseason.

“You had real energy and you had some nervous energy in the stands,” Atlanta Shortstop Dansby Swanson He said. “These are fun things to play with. I think it’s good to prepare for October and those moments.”

Orlando ArchiaThe exit single provided a celebratory ending for the Braves, who have won 16 of their past 18 matches. Atlanta has spent the past few weeks facing teams with losing records. But with this series’ opening win against a playoff-caliber club, the reigning World Championship champions showed why they should expect to expand their success through this most challenging part of their schedule.

“There were a lot of big moments,” said coach Brian Sneaker, whose team’s performance improved to 39-29 and edged out the Giants (37-29), to second out of Wildcard’s three points in the National League.

What is the biggest moment in this game?
Well you have to go with the single ending game Arcia which is tied to the left field. As the player exited the right batting box, he began waving sprinter Phil Josselin, who raced from second base to slide across the board before Pedersen’s left-field throw.

Pederson received the world championship ring before the match, and received a standing ovation before appearing in the ninth inning. But he didn’t prove to be the hero on his first trip to the stadium, leading thousands of fans to wear pearls last October. The honor was given to Arcia, who has gone 9 to 21 since replacing injured Ozzie Albies as Atlanta’s second baseman.

“Anytime I’m likely to be the last player in a game, it feels like one of the world championship games,” Arcia said through an interpreter.

Talking about the world championship
With Fried confining the Giants to just two strokes during the first seven rounds, he looked just as he did when he threw six rounds without goals during the deciding sixth game of the World Series last year. Pedersen said the brave are these “tough fighters” or something during a tournament review a few days later.

Pedersen gave a standing ovation on that November day, and fans gave him another standing ovation when he came to the plate with a single exit on the 9th on Monday. After drilling a long ball to the right of the right field pole, the veteran passes the ball through the left side of the field. After that by one hit, the Giants had riders in second and third place with one. But Kenley Jansen killed the threat with back-to-back strikes from Cero Estrada and Brandon Crawford.

Braves fans were able to show their respect for Pedersen and still get the desired result.

“It was great to see him,” Travis Darno said. “He definitely deserved it for all the big moments he gave us last year. He changed the whole club environment.”

Relaxing club
One of the club’s leaders is d’Arnaud, who started the second half with Homer his 10th this season, and which was his sixth in 36 rackets dating back to June 1. He often spends time with tight-knit relief teams, which are often chilling at the club together after games.

Will Smith, who served as Atlanta’s closest reliable side during last year’s post-season, definitely got a chance to relax after Monday’s game. Fried was sailing before one ran out, another one and started walking the eighth inning. Went out with bases loaded and watched Smith limit the damage with one round.

The threat ended when Matt Olson grabbed Mike Jastrzemsky’s sharp grinder while being carried into a squalid area. Despite slipping in the grass, the first baseman to get the Gold Glove twice made a precise flip that caught Smith before finding the bag in time to get out.

“It was a really good team winning tonight,” Fred said.