Spotify is expensive for what you get. Cancel and try these 3 services instead | tech radar

Is Spotify Premium a good deal? Apparently not, according to a recent report From Kantar Research. In it, the agency noted a loss of 1 million subscribers in the first quarter in Great Britain, many of them younger listeners looking to save money as inflation hit 9% in the UK and the cost of living continued to be on an upward trajectory.

While the drop in Spotify numbers may be temporary, or a result of the inflation levels of monthly subscribers the services regularly experience, the news reminds us of the fact that Spotify doesn’t quite compete at a high level with other major streaming companies like Apple MusicAnd the Amazon Music UnlimitedAnd the Tides. It also comes in the wake Argument It includes the service’s most popular podcast host, Joe Rogan. Maybe it’s really time to rethink Spotify.

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