OPPO’s Air Glass gives a glimpse of what Google AR hopes to achieve

This week’s Enhanced World Expo showed a lot of innovative technologies that are technically ‘on sale’, but they are really meant to be a proof of concept that will improve with each generation. Over $1,000 worth of VR and AR devices that look like motherships or your grandparents’ thick goggles on steroids; tactile jackets that hurt you when you hit the game; 3D or 3D screens intended to replace traditional screens; and sunglasses that display exercise information such as speed and time while running.

As soon as the doors to the AWE show opened, I headed straight to the OPPO booth. The Chinese brand Android announced last week that it will do just that Demonstrate AR technology in North America For the first time, I was fascinated. For starters, its augmented reality technology only works with OPPO and . phones OPPO smart watchwhich do not sell here; Could this indicate OPPO’s plans to expand into the US? In addition, I wanted to see what a “consumer-ready” smart glass device would have looked like, since OPPO Air Glass went on sale in China this year.