MLB Weekend Summary: The Angels’ losing streak reaches 11 as Bryce Harper leads the comeback; Yankees streak up to six

Nearly two months into the 2022 season, we’re starting to get a clearer picture of the Major League Baseball scene. Teams played nearly a third of their schedules with another weekend in the books. Sample sizes are growing and fan bases are growing or losing hope across baseball.

As the teams travel to start a new week, we wanted to sum up the weekend with some of the best moments from the past three days in baseball, as well as what’s on board next week. Let’s go to it.

The highlight of the weekend

It’s not every day that a player becomes only the 10th in MLB history to achieve an achievement. That’s what Albert Pujols is basics slugger in its final season, He did on Saturday by appearing in his 3000th career match.

The Pujols’ appearance on Sunday tied Cal Ripken Jr. for the ninth time ever, with 3,001 games played. It’s not hard to imagine him climbing at least fifth place over time. He’s just a few appearances away from getting ahead of Willie Mays for eighth, and a few weeks away from outsmarting Stan Musial and Eddie Murray. The Pujols will outshine Ty Cobb with his 3035 look.

The Cardinals will have 107 games left on their schedule on Monday, giving the Pujols plenty of time to move up to fourth. This place currently belongs to Ricky Henderson, with 3,081 matches played.

AngelsLoss streak hits 11

The Angels appeared to be well placed to clinch their 10-game losing streak on Sunday against Phyllis. Unfortunately for Joe Madon’s crew, they couldn’t get the job done – not even after building a 5-0 lead in the middle innings.

The Angels took a 6-2 lead heading to the bottom of eighth, but closest player Razel Iglesias succumbed to a level playing field major championship against Bryce Harper. Then the Angels took the lead again at the top of the ninth place, and Velez beat the final. Did not matter. Rooke player Bryson Stott fired a home run of his own to give the Phillies a 9-7 victory (Result square).

To make matters worse, the angels suffered another loss on Sunday, although not of the kind that he lost. Instead, they put Taylor Ward On the list of people with hamstring problems. Ward has been the most productive hitter this season, statistically speaking. Joe Adele was called up from the palace to replace him on the active roster.

Yankees Sixth place win in a row

The Yankees extended their longest active winning streak in MLB to six games on Sunday, with a win over tigers 5-4 in extra innings (Result square).

As it became a pattern, the Yankees got off to a solid start. This time it was from left-wing Jordan Montgomery, who grabbed the Tigers twice in five strokes across 6 1/3 innings. He hit five hits and delivered 60 of his 90 hits.

Offensively, the Yankees only had one player to score multiple hits. Did not matter. Joey Gallo hit a home double in the fifth game to tie 2-2. DJ LeMahieu later helped the Yankees advance 3-2 by accepting a rule-laden walk. On the tenth day, it was Josh Donaldson who hit the sacrifice fly.

The Yankees will have a holiday Monday before heading to Minnesota for three twins.

Springer takes 50th place in the home race

George Springer and blue jays Fell in front of the Twins by a margin of 8-6 on Sunday (Result square). However, that didn’t stop Springer from overtaking the 50 home fronts in his career.

take a look:

Springer ranked fourth all-time in the races on his home ground, According to Sarah Lange. He’s three times away from a tie with Craig Biggio for third, and four times away from a tie with Alfonso Soriano. Matching or overtaking Ricky Henderson for the lead will prove more difficult: Henderson, widely regarded as the best hitter of all time, finished his career with 81 of those teammates.

on deck

Yankees at Twins (three games starting on Tuesday): We have a simple general rule. If two teams are first in the standings, we will most likely highlight the series. Yankees have dominated twins over the years. We’ll see if Minnesota has what it takes to stop New York’s fiery spin.

Cardinals in rays (Three matches start Tuesday): We are disappointed that Matthew Liberator won’t have a chance to take on Randy Arrozarina, as the two have been key players in the trade. The Cardinal may have a different new player, as former first-round pick Zach Thompson is expected to start his first league game on Wednesday.

Dodgers in giants (Three matches start on Friday)It’s June and the Dodgers and the Giants have played twice all season. That will soon change: In addition to these three matches next weekend, the two teams will play 14 more times between now and the end of the season.