Lunch and Basketball: Liberty hosts The Lynx at Barclays

Getting there day in and day out. Friday night, New York Liberty made a trip to the nation’s capital in search of its first road win of 2022 WNBA The season where they faced the Washington Mystics. In a back-and-forth relationship, Lips has made plays to get rid of win over Friday. The team still has ways to go, but they are making gains and figuring things out along the way.

Today’s opponent will be Minnesota Linux. It’s been a rocky season for Cheryl Reeve, and they’re hoping they can weed out the funk soon. They’ve been off since Wednesday after loser On the road to the Atlanta Dream.

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Betnijah Laney, Didi Richards, and Jocelyn Willoughby are out.

On May 25, Nafisa gave Collier Birth To her first child, Mila Sarah Basil. She is at home resting and not playing because she is on maternity leave. Natalie Ashonua is discharged with a right hamstring injury. Moriah Jefferson was knocked out with a left thigh muscle injury. Damiris Dontas was knocked out with an injury to his right foot.

the game

Minnesota won a race first The game is in late May.

In the first match against Lynx, Liberty was very happy and Lynx reached the free throw line 33 times. In the Liberty’s last two victories, the Mystics and Indiana Fever have only scored 29 combined free throws. As Sandy Brundillo pointed out in her post-game comments on Friday night, defense is all about effort and will. As the team continues to acclimate to each other, the defense must follow suit and the wrong numbers must go down accordingly. The Lynx is number one in the free throw par, so this will be a great test of this Liberty defense.

The team will have a difficult task ahead of them in office this afternoon. Sylvia Fowles continues to dominate the interior, and after shooting just nine shots on Wednesday against Dream, she will make an even bigger appearance in attack tonight. over here Kayla McBride:

“Seeing that Ciel only shot nine times I think in the flow of the match I wasn’t really seeing that. That’s on me too. I know how we want to play and how important Ciel is to our flow on the offensive end, finding her touches. Clearly. [the Dream] She was dunking a lot which is what most teams do because Seal is dominant in the paint, but shots and shots aren’t enough for our best player. So as you know, we’re going to make an adjustment.”

Fowles had five offensive rebounds (14 total) when she played Liberty the first time, and it would take a full team effort to get her off the glass this time around. Stef Dolson has done a lot better in recent games as rebounding, inside passing and good decision making have opened up some new avenues for Liberty. Off the bench, Han Xu was a source of instant attack for the Liberty and a fan favorite. Liberty will be throwing its fair share of double teams at Fowls with the goal of making things as difficult as possible for the Hall of Famer in the future.

McBride will be looking forward to driving the Lynx on the ocean. She’s their number one goalscorer and someone they turn to if they need a big basket of late. For Liberty, they will try to force her into as many hard shots as possible. With her very reductive team, McBride will have to put more on her shoulders. If New York can shut it down, it will make Minnesota’s victory even more difficult.

Sabrina Ionescu has been dropping a lot this week, and it has paid dividends for Liberty. I’ve had 15 free throws in the past two games where I’ve been able to attack more and keep defenders in their wake. With Ionescu’s attacking more, Liberty became more versatile in attack and they became better equipped to handle the pressure. Ionescu has been occupied from a three-point range in the past two games, and if she consistently takes her shots from deep, it becomes difficult to defend.

Player to watch: Air Force

Playing basketball is really hard, and I think it’s safe to say it’s even more difficult when your nose is broken. That’s what Powers will have to deal with after she broke her nose against the Los Angeles Sparks. The forces will be there today and Liberty will try to keep her off the rotten streak this time around. Powers had a high 14 free throws against New York the first time she saw them. If they could get her off the line, they would have ample opportunity to extend the hail streak. Powers have not fired more than 40 percent from the field in the past three games and haven’t made three pointers since May 21. The Lynx will need more AP if they want to get out of the hole they found themselves in, and today would be the perfect time to get started.

Rebecca Allen has been an important part of Liberty’s offensive since her return from overseas competition. It’s one of the best bits on the edge and someone they can turn to if they’re looking for a clutch basket of late. Allen’s versatility in attack and defense makes her an incredible part of Liberty’s attack

from the basement

It’s Homecoming at Barclays Center where Liberty will show some love for different organizations. We’re homecoming about these parts, and it’s only right that we bring them back to our favorite homecoming

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