Little Cities shows how simplified virtual reality games can be more fun

When the topic of virtual reality comes up in a conversation with friends, a common annoyance I hear is that virtual reality games are still not on par with unreal games because they do not offer long and not complicated experiences. It’s a complaint that I not only fully understand, but agree with. There are outliers to this of course, but virtual reality games are still in the growth stage; It will take some time before we have a game as lengthy or intricately designed as one like Elden Ring.

My problem is the idea that VR games are inherently lower quality simply because they tend to be short and easy. A game is not only worth playing if it offers complex gameplay systems and a 40+ hour adventure. I’m fond of Ubisoft’s open-world style of games, love the Soulsborne series, and am a huge fan of JRPGs, so I don’t like long or difficult experiences – quite the contrary, in fact. But I also like short and simple games, because the length and difficulty have nothing to do with how fun the game is.