Jett Howard received a strong love for basketball from my father and brother

Every week during the college basketball season, and every two weeks during the previous basketball season in Michigan, Tim McCormick joins TMI’s Sam Webb on “The Michigan Basketball Insider” podcast. Each show offers deep insight into X’s & O’s and statistical analysis from the Michigan Games, commentary on college basketball in the Big Ten and beyond, and interviews with people from Tim’s wide range of contacts.

McCormick spent 10 seasons playing in the NBA after he wasn’t. 12 picks in the 1984 draft. Since completing his professional career, he has worked as a consultant with NBA players for the past two decades teaching strategies to improve performance and achieve greatness. In addition, he runs a basketball camp for the top 100 NBA players for the best high school basketball prospects in the country. Tim also provides color analysis as an anchor for ESPN’s college basketball coverage and Fox Sports’ coverage of Detroit at the Detroit Pistons.

Jet Howard Join this week’s episode to reflect on his outstanding performance in the Jordan Classic and Allen Iverson classic. Then attention turns to the advice he received from Iverson and other professionals. Next, Howard reflects on the tough love lessons he learned from his father and brother on hardwood and the unforgettable stories of growing up and playing games against the sons of other professionals. Howard wraps up his appearance by talking about his game growth and Michigan transfer chases. Tim McCormick wrapped up the Sam Webb podcast reflecting Tim’s presence in the NBA draft and witnessed Moussa Diabatti’s impressive performance. Then the duo discuss the grumbling in the league circles about his draft and his prospects Caleb Hostan. The podcast concludes with a discussion of some of the portal’s possibilities for Michigan should Diabate and/or Hustan go pro.

Except below, Howard reflects on some of the tough hardwood lessons he learned from his father and brother while growing up.

Sam Webb: “I covered Devin Booker When Devin was playing at Grand Rapids, and I remember his dad said, ‘Man, I have to find a different way to challenge him. I have to find a way to get some dogs to his game. So he took him from Grand Rapids to Mississippi and had him play his last year in Mississippi. I covered. Galen Bronson In high school. And I remember (his father) Rick, being harder on Galen than any father I’ve ever seen. I went to meet Galen at a camp and his father said, ‘Why do you want to meet him?’ Play like craps. Why do you even want to talk to him? And I said, “Man, I don’t even want to do an interview right now.” Rick was like, “I want to see how he does an interview after he plays like crap,” and Rick told me (afterwards), “The reason I’m like this, is because I want to be so hard on him that anything he sees is from anyone.” Another doesn’t add up. So I’m curious if you have any such stories about your father challenging you in this way?”

Jet Howard: “Yeah, I have a lot, honestly. (Laughter) man, my whole life I’ve been saying (ages) 6-15 he was still in the NBA, or working in the NBA. So, he’d come home and I’d be out shooting all day So, he’d like to be like, ‘Man, you’re not really working on anything. You are just about throwing balls. You have no purpose behind anything you do. So, he would come out and ask him to bounce back for me. He was just running me. And that’s how I got the screens and photography done so well. He would take me out like little cones and curse me. My mom had to go out there and be like, ‘Baby goosebumps, Joanne… Chill!’ It’s okay, it’s only 10/11. And I don’t want to throw it under the bus in any way, but it was tough. It was really difficult. I didn’t take it really badly. I get it. I didn’t like it, but I understood why he did it. And yes, a lot of games I’ve played I wouldn’t necessarily say a bad situation. I just don’t like losing. And just as we were very upset, he could tell by my behavior that I was upset. So he was taking me out of matches… I don’t know if I could say that on air…. It would have brought out the games, you know, giving me a little chill. (Laughter). He just told me why body language means so much and how a scout can write you off just by your stance on the bench, or how you fall back on defense. And I took it. I get it. We used to split movies together every week at my games. The movie sessions were tough. It used to be a one-to-one, me and him. We used to do fast races outside. My brother and I were playing one on one and he was watching from his window. And usually when I win I get hit… (Laughter) … because Jess was terrible (loser). He seems like a really nice guy, honestly, to Michigan (fan base). But you guys don’t see the other side which is Jess. Jess is really aggressive, so every time I won, he would hit me. And my father will only watch. Oh man, it was horrible. I’ve been through some tough days.”

Sam Webb: “But he made you ready, didn’t he?”

Jet Howard: “Yeah, he set me up. He was a great defender at 13-15. He was amazing. So he got me, right, sure. Yes, he and Jess.”

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