How to start and play flash challenges

WNBA Top Shot It’s a new way to collect, trade and participate in the WNBA game. Think of the Top Shot as the trading cards of the future. Instead of printing a single image on a card, you can now own a whole momentsThanks to the power of NFT technology and blockchain.


To quickly summarize, NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, which is a set of digital data (such as an image or video) stored on the blockchain. The blockchain ensures the authenticity of data, including tracking ownership and facilitating exchange. Blockchain technology can be thought of as a shared ledger where information is referenced across a wide network to ensure accuracy, without the need for more technology.

With the Top Shot, WNBA fans can buy, sell, collect and trade “Moments” which are basically a single feature of the player (eg. Diana Taurasi Three dots) are numerically linked to the NFT and given a serial number to indicate their place in the overall series (just like trading cards). Moments can be purchased as part of a bundle or individually through the Marketplace. The owner can view and share these moments at any time and store them in their account based on the website.

The Top Shot Project It went live in October 2020 and has already been a huge success, with more than $1 billion in sales and over 20 million transactions since its inception, although it’s still in beta development.

How to determine the value

Each moment comes with a brief description of the context and/or importance surrounding the distinction. It also contains the player’s square score from the game, the game’s final score and player information (season averages, age, height, birthplace, etc.). Some of these details can affect the value, because a moment of great gameplay for a featured player, a major win over an opponent, or pivotal gameplay in the game can increase the appeal of the game.

In addition, some moments are simply “glamorous” or more exciting than others, such as a novice, Candice Parker Dipping, opposite the wrong bird of the spin player. These “most exciting” moments may not have any other features that make them unique or of technical value, but they are understandably more desirable.

There are several other ways in which moments derive their value, and aside from the need to confirm authenticity or quality, they often follow the same logic of evaluating trading cards. Limited edition moments, belonging to a closed series, with a low serial number or better yet, a serial number that matches the player’s jersey number, all bring additional value. Moments are released in a series and once the series is closed, Moments from that series can only be achieved through the marketplace (unlike in strap) , Which leads to potential bidding wars and a real college market. Moments from Series 1 are already starting to get huge bucks and as time goes on, every subsequent series gets ‘old’.

Of course, the moments when the most famous players and teams appear generally get extra attention and hold better value in the long run. Some of the moments include badges denoting “Best First Shot”, “Three-Star Novice”, “Championship Year” and “MVP Year”, which add to the overall value.

Flash Challenges

Flash challenges are a fun and engaging part of Top Shot platform It is another major way in which moments can be valued. Flash challenges require the user to have a certain set of moments to unlock a new and unique moment. As a result, moments that seem mediocre or undesirable may be in high demand because they may be necessary to complete the challenge.

Challenges come and go, while participants have a limited amount of time to collect the required moments and submit their entry. Fans who complete the challenge will get the special prize, instant reward challenge, to add to their group. There is no other way to get a Challenge Bonus moment, unless someone who completed the Challenge decides to sell it in the market, usually for a significant raise. The moments required to fulfill the challenge remain in the owner’s possession and are not ‘traded’ for the reward moment.


Some may be for the money, while others are just for the love of the game, and the strategy will vary depending on the path you’re on. If you’re looking to make some money flipping cards or building a valuable deck, it’s important to use a solid strategy, but casual collectors should still pay attention to the market and price fluctuations to make sure they get the most out of their dollars.

The two main ways to acquire Moments are by purchasing packages or purchasing individual Moments.

Packs are often the best way to gain moments. Although the moments it can “rip” is a mystery, the price point usually ensures that the contents of the package will provide at least a positive return on investment. It’s also the only possible way to go down in a moment of high demand without breaking the bank. New packages are released periodically, with about 24 hours’ notice, and they tend to sell out very quickly.

In fact, the first release of the WNBA Base Set Packs will be available on Wednesday, June 1st, at 12:00 PM PDT.

considering the The immense popularity of Top ShotIt can be difficult to get a new package when it drops. The process involves joining a digital line, where you are given a place number randomly, only with the hope that you will do the cutting before the packages are sold.

An alternative option is to purchase Moments individually through the market. This is similar to buying and selling trading cards and can be an effective way to build your collection. I recommend using or Top Shot Marketplace to view current and past prices.

Finally, Locker Packs are another way to gain new moments and tune in to your collection. Users can trade Moments they already own for one trading ticket each, and then use those tickets to purchase a locker package. For example, if you have a few moments that you want to give up, you can exchange them for Trade Tickets and buy a Locker Pack in hopes of finding something you like more.

Locker packages are always available and contain the same number of Moments as the package cost in Trade Tickets. Locker packages consist of Moments that have been traded by other users, and as you might conclude, they are not likely to contain any extravagant contents, but they can be a great option for collectors looking to change their holdings at no extra cost.

Again, when it comes to strategy, each has one of them, but as long as you keep the above factors in mind, you should be able to start your digital collectibles journey in full swing.

With that being said, here are some mistakes to avoid:

  • Don’t assume that the market is only going up. As with any form of investing, buying or selling, the market can fluctuate and there is no guarantee that anything and everything will one day be more valuable. With this in mind, try to focus on the moments that mean something to you, or the moments that have some of the most valuable characteristics.
  • When new refills go down, there tends to be an increase in the secondary market, as newly released moments are resold in the market for the top dollar. However, as the hype fades over the next day or two, many of those moments may not be reselling at a higher price. This is a double-edged sword, as paying the premium may be the only way to gain certain moments, but you may also end up paying more than necessary.

Now that you’re ready to get started, good luck and enjoy the ride!