How to lock photos on iPhone

Do you have sensitive photos on your iPhone that you don’t want people to see? Here’s how to lock photos on your iPhone.

Do you want to lock photos on your iPhone from prying eyes? Maybe you loan your phone to someone, and they instantly start scrolling through your photos. You may have some private photos that you don’t want anyone to see.

Fortunately, you can lock your photos using the Notes app on your iPhone. Yes, believe it or not – you can use the Notes app on your iPhone to lock your photos.

This guide will show you how to lock photos on your iPhone so you have some privacy when you hand your phone over to someone to use.

How do hidden photos work on iPhone

Starting with iOS 14, you can hide the Photos folder in the Photos app. Hit the share button while looking at an image and it gives you the option to hide it.

Lock Photos on iPhone

Unfortunately, hidden photos will not be locked with a password. Alternatively, you can always use a third-party app to lock photos, but you can do it from within your phone using the Notes app.

How to lock photos on iPhone

The Notes app is installed on every iPhone and iPad running iOS 9.3 or later. The first thing you need to do is insert your photo into a note and lock it behind a password.

To lock your photos with a password on iPhone:

  1. Move the photos you want to lock behind a password if you haven’t already.
  2. Open the Notes app and tap New note symbol to create a new note.Lock Photos on iPhone
  3. Type text that won’t draw attention to your photos. Note that this will appear in the notes list after you lock it.Lock Photos on iPhone
  4. Click on Add image Just above the keyboard is at the bottom of the screen.Add iPhone Notes Button Picture
  5. When you click on a file Add image button, a menu appears – press Choose a photo or video.Take a picture from a video
  6. Now, click on the thumbnail of each photo you want to add. When done, tap Add button in the upper right corner.How to lock photos on iPhone
  7. The images you select will be inserted into the Note application file.Photos in Notes
  8. To lock the photos in the note, tap Three-dot icon in the upper right corner.Lock Photos on iPhone
  9. This displays a menu with different options; want to click on a lock button.Select a lock for photos
  10. Type the password twice and give yourself a hint as required. Make sure it’s not something someone else can easily guess.Lock Photos on iPhone

You will need to use this password to view all locked notes. Don’t enter something that you will forget. You can switch to a file Use Face ID Switch if you have a recent iPhone. Also, if your notes are synced to iCloud, they will still be password protected.

Lock Photos on iPhone

Once you set up a password or use Face ID, you can lock your photos.

To manage your locked apps, do the following:

  1. Tap on the lock icon in the upper-right corner.Lock Photos on iPhone
  2. If someone tries to unlock the note with your phone, it will display a message that it is locked.Lock Photos on iPhone
  3. If you set Face ID To unlock your notes (photos), a message will appear confirming that you want to use them. Faucet yes.Lock Photos on iPhone
  4. The app will also provide a message telling you not to forget your password if you create one – even if Face ID maybe.Don't forget the password
  5. If you are not using Face ID, you will need to enter your password to view your photos. After entering it successfully, you will be able to view your photos.Enter the password to view the images
  6. Now that your sensitive photos are locked, go back to File photo app And delete photos you locked in Notes app.Lock Photos on iPhone
  7. Also, go to Recently Deleted folder in Pictures And delete the pictures there.Lock Photos on iPhone

When adding sensitive photos to a new note and closing it, remember that the photos appear in a file Pictures app and Recently Deleted. It’s important to remember if you really want to keep your photos locked.

Lock Photos on iPhone

Using the Notes app to lock your photos is a useful trick. When you lock notes with your photos, they will be encrypted. This allows you to hand the phone to a friend without them seeing embarrassing pictures.

Of course, the encryption isn’t perfect, and a determined hacker can get in to see the locked photos, but that’s a rare circumstance. Keeping your photos locked in the Notes app is smart, and the average person won’t find them.

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