Gavin Griffiths commits top 35 wingers to Rutgers

Rutgers men’s basketball has the highest recruiting rating of the Steve Bikel era with a consensus of top-35 prospect Gavin Griffiths committing to the program on Thursday.

The 6’7-inch Griffiths, who is from West Hartford, Connecticut and teaches at Kingswood-Oxford School, is one of the top shooters in the 2023 class. His national rankings by Major Employment Services include #15 by On3, #26 by ESPN, #29 by Rivals and #29 by Rivals 62 by 247 Sports. His composite ratings for the 2023 class are #32 by On3 And the #33 of 247 Sports. He is listed as the 5th best goalkeeper of the class by On3 and the 5th best junior striker nationally by 247 Sports.

Griffiths’ recruitment score of 0.9853 makes him the second highest recruiter rating in the program’s recent history. His rating is slightly lower than Mike Rosario’s previous US McDonald’s score of 0.9855.

The missionary ward made an official visit to Rutgers in mid-May and was scheduled to make two more official visits to Virginia Tech and Michigan in June. However, he has canceled both trips and committed to Steve Bikel in recent days. Based on ratings and potential, this is the biggest recruiting win of his coaching career and is the second top 50 recruit he brings to Rutgers. The first was Cliff Omuroy.

The 4-star and Simsbury, native of Connecticut recruit is one of the best shooters in the 2023 class and his stock has continued to rise through the enlistment process. He has been a standout player since last summer at the prestigious EYBL at AAU and plays for the Elite Expressions. And in between, Griffith’s sharp shooting win – win NEPSAC Player of the Year last season after averaging 24 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists per game. He missed about two months last spring with a back injury but has been performing at a high level since his comeback. His employment score and composite ratings have improved in the past month because of this.

Rutgers was the second major he submitted to Griffiths last June before his recruiting profile became elite. Steve Biekel was excellent in this regard during his tenure in identifying top talent early on and being one of the first great coaches to do so. It doesn’t always bring those goals down, but it applies in this case. Griffiths has had offers from other Big Ten schools in Michigan, Iowa and Penn State as well as other major highs from Providence, Xavier, Creighton, Ocon, Pete, Alabama, LSU, Virginia Tech, Syracuse, and Kansas State.

This is a huge plus for the software because Griffiths is a dynamic offensive player who can score in multiple ways. It is an elite shooter with range, fast shooting, good level and shooting with confidence. Griffiths is also a good arcade player with strong court vision and has the versatility of playing 2 or 3. His control over his body and ability to use his height to get to the edge is impressive at this point in his development. Adding muscle to his athletic body will help him stand out in a physical conference like the Big Ten. Other than the need to evolve physically, Griffith is a polished recruit as you’d expect at this point.

On3 National Recruitment Analyst Jimmy Choo has comparison Griffiths to former Big Ten player of the year Nick Stauskas of Michigan. Shaw called him a “lover” and “really has a few things for him.” Shaw continued, “He’s got the kind of mentality that Stauskas had—that factor.” He might not be the most athletic player, but he’s just “give me the ball and I’ll make something happen. He shoots heck. However, he’s two or three inches taller than Nick. Nick was more wiggling to him and a bit more bouncy. But Gavin has a few things about rebounding.” Also. He plays a little straight.” Shaw concluded that Griffiths is “the kind of guy who would catch a bounce and pull a quick 30-foot break, bury it and talk [crap] for you.”

Aside from his massive potential as a player, Griffiths also fits into the show’s culture and Pikiell’s desire to have “gym mice” all over the roster.

Former Griffith High School coach Brad Seaman advertiserHis greatest strength is his attention to detail and work ethic. It’s the definition of hard work paying off. He’s at the gym in the summer and the temperature is 100 degrees in the morning and he exercises before camp starts, then he does yoga during the day and then he plays at night. This Just his summer training regimen.”

Adding a player of this caliber at this point in the 2023 recruitment cycle is a huge benefit to Rutgers. They now have a huge chunk to show other recruits and this could help the program gain momentum not only with this class but also with the 2024 class.

After three consecutive winning campaigns that would have led to the NCAA Championship berths had it not been for Covid-19 in 2020, Steve Pikiell has built a legitimate program for the top half of the Big Ten. With the passing of Geo Baker and Ron Harper Jr. , it reloads with a player who got a high rank of recruits like school ever. This is a defining moment and the show has its next star to build the future around it. Rutgers men’s basketball is entering another phase of the Steve Bikel era, and the future is brighter than ever.

To watch Griffiths discuss his commitment with Adam Finklestein of 247 Sports, click here.