First MLB Tractor Encarnacion hit a Grand Slam in Miami Marlins win

New York — Gerard Encarnacion Called up to the major leagues, and teammate of the Miami Marlins Sandy Alcantara He made a promise to the 24-year-old.

“I told him if I got hit or the owner of the house, I’d buy something,” the bowler remembers saying on his way back to the team hotel on Friday night.

Included in the depleted Marlins starting line-up, Encarnacion made his stunning debut in the Major League with the green light, in the seventh inning of the Grand Slam to score his first success. He also threw a runner at third base from the right field and stole a base, lifting Alcantara and Miami over the New York Mets 6-2 on Sunday.

It is called an appropriate debut.

“Let’s go – get dressed,” Encarnacion said with a smile to Alcantara after the match.

The bowler replied: “Anything he wants.”

Alcantara first met Encarnacion in 2014 in San Isidro, Dominican Republic. Encarnacion signed with the Marlins the following year, started as the juniors in 2016 and was the No. 16 candidate before the 2020 season after his big win over Sterling Sharp in Washington at the Arizona Fall Championships.

EncarnaciĆ³n stopped a year after the minor league ball canceled by the coronavirus pandemic and was the number 22 prospect for Miami after the 2021 season as he injured his right knee while hitting a metal pole when chasing a foul ball and then injured his left hand off the field.

2022 started at Double-A Pensacola, making his Triple-A debut for Jacksonville on May 17 and was promoted to the majors on Friday after hitting 13 players at the Palace this year.

Wearing number 64, an unfashionably high uniform number, and with his cousin Randy in the stands, the 6-foot-5, 239-pound defender was sent off. Thomas Nido Try to extend a single from the third inning into a double after a single drive jump from the right field wall. Encarnacion hit and fell in his first two games, then came to the plate with Alcantara (7-2) trailing 1-0 on the seventh.

Seth Logo Comfortable Chris Bassett (5-5) with loading rules. Encarnacion got some advice from hitting coach Marcus Tims and trailing 3-1 in the count. He took a so-called strike and then drove a 92.6 mph 371-foot fastball into the opposite field and over the right field wall.

“He threw a good back-drow, and just went with it,” Lugo said. “I thought walking away was a safe bet.”

Encarnacion raised his right arm in triumph while rounding first.

“He kind of showed the whole package today, from his defense standpoint, he’s doing really well, he’s got the strength,” said Marlins manager Don Mattingly. “I’ve always compared him, perhaps nowhere near to being fair, to Vlad (Guerrero) the father.”

Encarnacion became the first player since at least 1901 with a Grand Slam and off-court assist on his debut. He gave the Marlins a 4-1 lead, becoming the second Miami player to win a major title in his first major league strike after Jeremy Hermida against St. Louis’s Alberto Reyes on August 31, 2005. He was the last player to achieve the feat. San Diego player Daniel Camarena vs Washington Max Scherzer on July 8th.

John Bertie Comment on RBI One in 7th and Jazz Chisholm Jr. Double scoring in the ninth game.

New York, best 44-24 in the NL, lost for only the second time in 12 home games. Miami stopped sliding three games and won only the second time in 10 games at Citi Field.

Bassett extended his points-free streak to 14 runs before the seventh, when the Marlins carried the bases onto the singles by Miguel Rojas And the Jacob Stallings Followed by Brian de la Cruz’s solo career.

Alcantara, whose ERA is 1.72 is second only to San Diego Joe Musgrove, allowed six hits in eight rounds, hit eight and walked one. He competed in seven or more rounds while allowing two or fewer earned rounds in eight straight, the longest such streak since 16 in a row by Felix Hernandez in Seattle in 2014.

Francisco Lindor He put the Mets out front with a sixth single, which is number 52 in the RBI. Louis Gillorm He added the RBI song at number seven.

Bassett had a top nine of the season while allowing three runs and five hits in 6 runs.

Miami recovered the ball from a fan of Encarnacion, who left with it tucked into his backpack. He will give it to his mother, Carmella.

He considered returning to his brother, Anderson, who had died three years earlier.

“He told me once that I would win at the major league level,” Encarnacion said through an interpreter. “This has always been something that has helped me.”