Estimate 1992 and 1993

Who is your favorite team in all sports and in what year did you become a fan? Perhaps there was a year your fandom became an obsession?

Such was the case for me in the early ’90s with football Notre Dame as I know I’ve been a fan for a long time I remember but my first memories of watching the Irish came in the 1992 season which saw the 10-1 conclusion of #1 leading my first favorite group in Rick MererAnd the Jerome PettisAnd the Reggie BrooksAnd the Bryant YoungAnd the Jim Flaniganand a lot of others.

A year later, we learned what happened when the Irishman, led by quarterback Kevin McDougall, beat No. 3 Michigan and No. 1 over Florida State at the start of the year 10-0 before being upset at the regular season finale by Boston College. I don’t care what the final polls say, I watched the 1993 “Game of the Century” against Florida State and although it came to the last play, anyone who watched that game saw Notre Dame beat the light of day outside Florida. afternoon. Seriously, if all of America Jeff Boris He converted one of his many passes he defended in that match into an interception, and then the Irishman won by two or more points.

Instead, Bobby Bowden received a Lifetime Achievement Award from The Associated Press and his fellow coaches.

Notre Dame was the best team in the country in 1993 and I would never come down that hill no matter how hard the Florida State fans tried.

Even with heartbreak from the 1993 Boston College game, I can’t help but be grateful to join football at Notre Dame when I did because if I were only a couple years younger, I don’t know if things would have improved. The same.

During those two years, Notre Dame went 21-2-1, won a pair of Cotton Bowls over Texas A&M, and the last two years of Fighting Irish was the “thing” in college football under Lou Holtz Because things were not what they were in South Bend after ’93.

With 93/92 days until the season kicks off this fall (Thursday and Friday), here’s a look back at some photos from the 1992 and 1993 seasons I will always remember from my youth.