Dungeons & Dragons artist Tess Fowler blames Ethan Van Sciver for ‘driving hate without limits in Amber Heard’

A former Dungeons & Dragons artist attacked ComicsGate again this week, this time pushing a wild conspiracy theory that Green Lantern artist and Cyberfrog creator, Ethan Van Sciver, is somehow responsible for Amber’s “endless drive of hate.” [Heard]. “

Source: Amber Heard testifies in defamation trial – Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard Day 15, Law & Crime Network YouTube

Fowler began her attacks by posting several screenshots of tweets espousing normative conservative views calling for traditional marriage, saving children from abortion, and celebrating Kyle Rittenhouse’s right to self-defense.

The D&D artist slams Van Sciver’s enthusiastic tweets, saying, “Here’s what’s driving extremes, right here. You want to know the source? Want to know who’s taking advantage of out-of-work comic book professionals and driving trolls to your social media mentions? That person. It’s Worse than Alex Jones. All you have to do is look at what he’s posting.”

Source: screenshot, Twitter

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It’s unclear what Van Sciver’s tweets have to do with what she does, as most of the leading comedian creators in the ComicsGate movement have happily married and have children. Fowler’s claim about “exploiting comic book professionals out of work” is also bizarre, given that Van Sciver has a reputation for upgrading comedy professionals to earn incredible amounts of money for their crowdfunding projects.

An example of Van Sciver’s influence in drawing attention to underappreciated artists is famed Wonder Woman artist Aaron Lopresti, who struggled with his $15,552 litter box by the end of his campaign, which he now has Wraith of God which nets $143,374 at the time of this writing. This amount is a lot more than most comics industry professionals with a slate of full-time work make.

Source: Wraith of God, IndieGoGo

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Van Sciver also helped famous Batman artist and Bane co-author, Graham Nolan, who An anthology of manly tales with two giant hats fetched $123,796.

Nolan’s former independent crowdfunding fund, Return to Monster Island, was critically acclaimed, making just $32,245 prior to its regular appearance on Van Sciver’s “ComicsGate Kings” livestream.

Source: Graham Nolan Facebook

While these artists are accomplished and celebrated within their own rights, the apparent impact of Van Sciver’s influence on them is worth nearly six figures for each book they produce. You might mistake Fowler’s “take” for the work you receive in the comic book industry, where artists routinely earn less than $100 per art page or a total of $2,200 per comic issue.

But Fowler goes further than her original hate-filled tweet against Van Sciver, linking it to Amber Heard’s defamation ruling, saying, “Despite how you feel about Heard/Depp, he was one of the weird, obsessed devotees of this guy who was referenced in a hate driving experience as what There’s no end to Amber online. The sheer volume of their hate-filled lies is overwhelming to deal with. I’m speaking from experience.”

She added, “Know the source.” Know what you’re dealing with and who you’re dealing with so you don’t get shocked. It is better not to involve them. roadblock. Ban their followers. Stay safe.”

Source: screenshot, Twitter

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Fowler seems to be referring to popularity YouTuber, that umbrella guy, who gained significant media attention when an Amber Heard attorney accused witness Morgan Night of following TUG, as it is generally known. Knight refuted the accusation on the podium by saying “I don’t know. I don’t care or follow the Umbrella Man.”

TUG is a longtime friend of Ethan Van Sciffer and an advocate for Johnny Depp regarding the defamation Depp suffered from Amber Heard. However, he’s hardly an “obsessive lover” of Van Sciver as he has been portrayed. TUG has more subscribers to the channel than Van Sciver, who has been praised by the public as one of the best commentators on the trial and other cultural topics.

It appears as if Amber Heard’s ruling has prompted several comic writers and politically motivated insiders to attack Johnny Depp’s fans and anyone associated with the content talking about defamation.

To say it’s an understatement is an understatement, as Van Sciver spends most of his time drawing his comic Cyberfrog: Rekt Planet and hasn’t given much feedback on the experience compared to other YouTubers.

Source: Cyberfrog 2: Rekt Planet

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