Darius Garland hopes Colin Sexton returns to Cavaliers, says he’s taking a wait-and-see approach to contract extension

Cleveland, Ohio – Darius Garland and Colin Sexton – once considered the dynamic backyard of the Cleveland Cavaliers with a catchy nickname (“SexLand”) – will soon take their “bro trip” to Turks and Caicos. Little vision. Lots of sunshine. fun activities. Maybe some hoops.

While their off-court bond was cemented during three years as teammates and both are now part of the Klutch Sports family, Garland wants a chance to continue that relationship on the court.

“It’s out of my control,” Garland said when asked by cleveland.com about his feelings about the Cavs’ re-signing with Sexton, a fourth-year goalkeeper who’s way ahead of schedule and has no limitations in his recovery from a meniscus tear. “But I certainly hope so.”

The decision is up to the Cavaliers — and the rest of the NBA.

Sexton played only 11 games before knee surgery at the end of the season prevented him from being a part of Cleveland’s comeback. He will be a restricted free agent this off-season, with the Cavs front desk holding a lot of sway in the impending contract negotiations. Not only do they own the match rights, but only five teams – Detroit, Indiana, Orlando, San Antonio and Portland – with enough roof space expected to make Sexton a competitive show.

Restricted free agency is designed to protect the current team, preventing them from losing an important player or having to overpay significantly. Last summer, no restricted free agent signed an offer sheet. Lauri Markkanen, who was acquired from the Caves in a three-team signing and trading deal that includes Larry Nance Jr., had to wait until late August for a solution.

Sources tell cleveland.com that Sexton is expected to have “multiple” suitors. While the Washington Wizards may have an interest in signing and trading, Detroit and Indiana are seen as the biggest threats. At least one member of the Cleveland front office wonders if the Pistons would make the Sexton a priority, especially if Dallas retained free agent Galen Bronson.

Pistons and Pacers have the necessary salary space. They also have taller teammates in the rear (Tyrese Haliburton for Pacers and 2021 No. 1 Cade Cunningham pick) to reduce some size concerns while keeping Sexton from needing to be the primary creator. Spurs, who sources say have some Sexton fans in their front office, fit the same criteria – if they’re looking for a new teammate of Dejounte Murray. The Blazers are said to be unlikely to get involved, as Detroit’s Jeramy Grant coveted. Orlando already has an abundance of bouncers. The Magic also had a chance to draft Sexton in 2018, choosing instead to center Mo Bamba.

The market will play a role in Sexton’s future. The Cavs are like him. They felt his loss all season. They want it back – at the right price.

According to multiple sources, the Sexton camp is looking for “startup escort money” starting at around $20 million in the price range per year. Sexton and the Cavs spent their last off-season negotiating a potential contract extension, with final terms coming in just below that salary figure. The two sides have not been able to conclude an agreement, and talks are not expected to pick up where they left off. There are different parties involved this summer. Rich Paul on the other hand represents Sexton.

It’s a complicated situation. But the Cavs continue to express confidence when it comes to re-signing Sexton.

This is not the only off-season priority. The Cavs will quickly attempt to close Garland. Although he was eligible for a maximum five-year extension and would likely get it — with chief basketball operations officer Kobe Altman saying Garland “would be in Cleveland for a long time” — he wasn’t interested in discussing it.

“I hope to be in the playoffs next year,” Garland said. “I am here to play basketball. I have nothing to do with the front office. It is a question for another time.”

Is Garland at least expecting a show? If he comes, does he plan to accept?

“We’ll see,” he said. “I hope to be part of (the future of the team). Nothing has been set in stone yet. Hope.”

Garland spoke to a small group of reporters Saturday morning from Richmond Heights High School, the site of the first free youth basketball camp. The other two camps this month will be in Indiana and then Tennessee. These are the three places he calls “home”.

Inside the high school gymnasium, Garland was surrounded by adorable kids between the ages of 8 and 14, having them undergo some training with coaches Jamal and Spencer Richardson who helped him emerge as one of the best young point guards in the league and for the first time everyone. -star. About 250 boys and girls attended the four-hour session, which reached recording capacity 50 minutes after he posted the notice on social media.

“It’s great to see the smiles on their faces,” Garland said of campers. “I used to come to camps like this when I was younger, get up really early, and then try to go all day, use all my energy and try to get better.”

Since the season ended with a losing streak in the playing cycle, preventing the Cavs from reaching their playoff goal, Garland has been in lockdown for a few weeks. He and his family took a trip to Hawaii, starting in Maui before hopping between the island and Honolulu. Upon returning from Hawaii, Garland joined his teammates for a three-day on-field training session at the training facility and then began planning his summer basketball camp.

Garland said he was not treated after the collapse of the Cavs’ second half, which led to a premature end. He wasn’t seen until the first round of playoffs.

“I just started watching in the second round,” Garland said. “It was tough. I had to regroup and get away from the game for a bit.”

Despite his absence from the playoffs, Garland could be proud to finish the Cavs with a record 44-38, doubling the winning total from the previous season and the first winning campaign of any of the post-LeBron James era.

“It definitely gave me a taste. Just being there. Feeling that atmosphere. Crowds filling the arena,” Garland said. Next year I hope to come back. We have a bright future. We had a lot of bad timing because of injuries and things like that. no excuses. We’re heading in the right direction, I think.”

Garland is locking in to be a part of that future. It is one of three organizational building blocks. All-star player Garrett Allen and New Year’s runner Evan Mobley are the other two.

At one time, Sexton was considered part of the young, sexy core of the team. But the status quo has changed. It has been put on the list.

With Sexton’s condition uncertain, will the upcoming trip be their last as their fellow Cavaliers?

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