Bear Sessions: Velus Jones Jr. Takeaway for after the little camp

Velus Jones Jr. Press Conference  Chicago Bears

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The Chicago Bears on Thursday finished their last day of mandatory mini camp. A few members of the team spoke to the media after training. One of the most notable recipients of the rookie was Philos Jones Jr. Selection for the third round of this year’s draft Talk about many topics. In fact, he managed to turn things around by talking about one of his teammates in particular.

Darnell Mooney’s Praise for Philos Jones Jr.

A reporter mentioned Darnell Mooney’s unprecedented comments about Novice’s speed. When asked how he feels about a veteran like Mooney supporting him in this way, Jones Jr. said he feels his teammates believe in and believe in him.

“It just makes you, you know, keep striving for greatness,” Jones Jr. said of what fame means to him. He also reciprocated love, saying that his colleagues know that he supports them in the same way.

The role in the crime

Then Jones Jr. was pressed to find out how much had been accomplished in the past six or seven weeks. Specifically, the different ways in which he can assist the Chicago Bears attack. With a smile on his face, Jones Jr said he was moving a lot, especially during OTAs. But he also had a lot of balls thrown his way, which helped him raise his self-confidence.

Connect with Justin Fields

Next, reporters asked Velus Jones Jr. On his relationship with Justin Fields. The Tennessee producer said working with Fields on the minicamp was a positive experience and they were having natural conversations as well as picking each other’s brains out. This dynamic has made things easier for him, as he enjoys figuring out who the midfielder is off the field as well. Likewise, Jones Jr. also confirmed that his locker is right next to the Fields booth.

As for what’s next, he will be heading to Atlanta to work with Fields and Mooney at the team building competition hosted by Fields.

Good advice, a sign of maturity

Philos Jones Jr. also discussed the importance of staying out of trouble, especially given the scale of athletes’ goals in such situations.

“Stay around in good company and watch those around you,” Jones Jr. explained.

greatness manifested

Remind the novice how he imagines ways to run and catch passes. – Especially the landing kit from Justin Fields.

“I’m big on showing up so I can visualize a lot of great things this season. Even on certain plays and certain ways Justin has thrown in.”

Choose his jersey number

Turning to lighter matters, reporters inquired about Velus Jones Jr.’s shirt number. He said the Bears cost him 12th, but Equipment Manager Tony Medellin called him to offer him a few options. Of course, Jones Jr. said he wanted No. 11, which he wore in college.

“Obviously our first guy Moon has the number 11. So I was like 12.” Sorry I’m not sorry, newbie.

When thinking of 12th in orange and navy, Allen Robinson recently came to mind, which Jones Jr. has admitted.

“I know Robinson was here the year before. And there he was, you know, they probably thought I didn’t want that number and things like that. But I was like, ‘I’m not Robinson. I’m Philos Jones Jr. You know that’s all that matters. Yeah,’ I’ll take number 12.”

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