Andrew Patterson’s family sought mental health help prior to his arrest

Hutchinson resident Andrew Patterson sought help from community resources prior to his arrest in connection with domestic terrorism this week.

On the street on Wednesday, Judy Murray watched her grandson Andrew Patterson leave his house.

Soon she called her daughter Patricia Woods.

Woods passed this information on, as well as where Patterson was driving, to Hutchinson Police Department authorities, who stopped and searched his car.

There, police say they found “detailed plans to carry out an act of mass violence”. Later that day, police used a search warrant at Patterson’s home, where officers said they had found additional evidence related to a planned attack.

For several months, family members have been concerned about the mental health of the 24-year-old Hutchison resident.

“He was lonely and didn’t know how to ask for help,” Murray said.

Family members said they reached out to authorities and mental health organizations as Patterson escalated. Not much can be done, though.