68 NBA Players Make More Money Than The Entire WNBA Roster, And Angry Shaquille O’Neal Is Tired Of Their Excuses

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the greatest players to ever set foot on the basketball court. He summed up the term “hegemony” and really crushed his rivals in the drawn area. Hitting shots, dunking over people, knocking back baseboards, and assembling stunning flatlines were the big man’s nighttime routine. O’Neill re-positioned the center during his career. Never before has the world of the NBA seen such an amazing combination of size, power and athletic performance.

Shaq, one of the most outspoken athletes in the NBA both on and off the field, has never hesitated to express his opinions. It’s one of the many reasons why the Lakers legend has earned a notoriety as a top analyst on TNT’s Inside the NBA. Shaquille O’Neal will never fail to motivate current players or conduct a brutal reality check, no matter if he looks tough or not.


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In the last episode of the popular podcast “The Big Podcast with Shaq,” O’Neal discussed his personal experiences growing up and how today’s NBA players are so sensitive.

“When I was coming in once, I got an article from the newspaper saying Shaq is the third best player in town. I was so happy. My dad was like, ‘You’re happy to be number three and he crumpled the paper in my face and threw it,’” Shack said.

Then the next year, she came back, and she says the best in the States. Instead of going, my dad said I’m no good. Well, I said, Sarge. See what I do in 365 days.” he added. “That’s all I’m trying to convince some of these guys to do. They make a lot of money and they’re very sensitive, so what do I do? I don’t care how sensitive you are. How about that?”

Shaquille O’Neal comments that players are very sensitive

Shakeel O’Neill He seemed furious, thinking that some players today lack the ability to achieve greatness. He feels that some guys care overly about what the world thinks and are overly “sensitive.”

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“A lot of normal people work harder than you, get paid less, and you’re crying about what I’m saying? Get out of my face I don’t want to hear it. All these rich little kids are complaining about all that money, shut up before I shut you up. Bully time Now since I’m on these weights. I’m in a bit of a pain, it’s time to bully now.”

Some might think Shaq went a bit too far in his comments, but in all fairness, he had the best of intentions. NBA players are among the highest paid people on the planet. It takes years of preparation and patience for someone to get into the NBA. As a result, Shaq urges them not to be their ears to the critics, but to focus their minds on achieving greatness.

Shaquille O’Neal also discusses how many people work harder than NBA players, but get paid a lot less. In this case, the case of the WNBA can be highlighted.

WNBA players get paid much less than their NBA counterparts

It’s no secret that NBA players make a a lot of money than their counterparts in the WNBA. Yes, the NBA season is much longer, with 1,230 regular season games between 30 franchises and a maximum of 105 playoffs, compared to the 204 regular season games in the WNBA and a maximum of 35 playoffs. However, looking at the numbers reveals just how big the salaries of WNBA players are.

In all, 68 NBA players earn more money than the entire WNBA roster. Not one team, but the entire WNBA roster. This is definitely very worrying.


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Furthermore, the salary cap for each of the 12 WNBA franchises for the 2021 season was $1,339,000. And it’s a strict limit because the only way a franchise can get past it during the regular season is to rule out hardship or contingency.

The salary cap for the 2020-2021 NBA season was $109,140,000, which is 85.2 times that of the WNBA. However, the NBA cap is somewhat flexible due to a number of major caveats that allow franchises to breach the cap in any given season.


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All of this speaks eloquently about the huge salary disparity between WNBA and NBA players. It also explains why Shaquille O’Neal may have gone a little overboard in order to get the best out of some of the league’s top athletes.