5 Aisle Bread Brands To Stay Away From Right Now – Eat That Not So

There are few foods that are as important as bread. By itself, bread hardly makes for a satisfying and delicious meal—but it’s absolutely essential to countless dishes.

It’s an absolute culinary catalyst: no baking, sandwiches It would be an elusive fantasy, breakfast toast It will be non-existent, and on Sunday morning it will be completely empty Bagel And cream cheese (gasp!). Literally and figuratively, baking brings these dishes together.

It’s no surprise that Americans can’t get enough bread. In 2020 alone, it An estimated 326.91 million Americans ate at least some bread. That’s nearly the entire population of the United States. Moreover, it is believed that the average American consumes an astonishing amount 53 pounds of bread a year!

One thing is clear: Those bread aisles of grocery stores across the country continue to see a lot of traffic. There are countless types of bread, brands, and options to choose from nowadays, but each comes with its own kind. Unique Nutrition Profile. Some bread is better for you than others.

“[Bread]can be really nutritious, a great source of slow-release carbohydrates in our diet and full of vitamins and minerals,” Jaime Rose Chambers recently in Australia today. “But we have to choose correctly.”

What is a good rule of thumb to keep in mind while searching for a healthy loaf of bread?

Rose Chambers explains, “The bread should look dark brown and dense with seeds and grains. That’s what we’re looking for in the end, it’s going to be such a highly nutritious bread.”

While some types of bread are really healthy, other types and brands are just as good Serious shortage in the department of nutrition and quality. Eating these bread regularly will not benefit your body.

We’ve put together a list of the top five grocery brands you should stay away from.

The wonders of classic white bread
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There is no baking more synonymous with summer barbecue and Americana amazing bread. Unfortunately, the brand offers a lot more in terms of nostalgia than nutrition.

“One of the worst bread brands I’ve seen in general is Wonder. White bread is the least nutritional type of bread. The flour has been processed to remove the bran and seed, which has a lot of fiber and nutrients,” explains Rachel Lesinden. , Founder healthy lifestyle.

When whole wheat flour is refined into white flour, tons of essential vitamins, fiber, and proteins are sacrificed along the way. Even the 100% whole wheat option in Wonder Bread, somehow, still serves only 2 grams of fiber per slice.

You’d be hard pressed to find a US grocery store that doesn’t carry at least a few Wonder Bread products. Major Grocery They include Wonder Bread Publix, Winn-Dixie, Target, and ShopRite.

Nature's Special Butter
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Available in Variety of grocery stores across the United States Like Target, ShopRite, and Stop & Shop, Nature’s Own offers a wide selection of loaves of bread. From butter bread to honey or 100% whole wheat, they seem to flaunt a slice of bread for anyone and everyone.

But, how healthy are these baking options? trade mark butter bread The line could certainly be improved from a nutrition perspective. Provides only 2 grams of protein and Literally no fiber per sliceYou will most likely still feel hungry after eating several pieces of this bread.

Meanwhile, the Natural Honey Wheat Bread line may contain some whole wheat flour, but It also contains malted barley flour and soy flour. This means that as far as your stomach is concerned, this bread is much more processed than the label suggests.

Texas beam thick sliced ​​toast
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Sunshine bread may be known for its large sizes, but bigger isn’t always better. Features of Texas Toast line of bread Lots of sodium per slice (9% DV), and there isn’t even enough fiber in one slice to make a full gram.

Meanwhile, the sunbeam It is known to use an ingredient called Azodicarbonamide in her bread. Also known as chemical yoga mat Since it is used both in baking and in the production of yoga mats, this substance acts primarily as a bleaching agent and a dough conditioner when it comes to baking.

While it is azodicarbonamide Approved by the FDA For human consumption, evidence suggests that it is linked to a number of health issues such as Respiratory problems even cancer. Fast food chains such as McDonald’s and Wendy’s I stopped using azodicarbonamide years agoThe chemical has been banned in the European Union for more than a decade.

Sunbeam bread products are widely sold in grocery stores such as Walmart, Target, and Kroger.

Sarah Lee Delicious Whole Wheat Honey Bread
Courtesy of Target

It may seem like a smart shopping decision to go with a lighter bread option like Sarah Lee cheerful Or Artesano bread lines, but so-called healthy options like these often contain both artificial sweeteners and Low-calorie fiber fillings, such as cellulose fibers derived from wood pulp. yum!

“Another brand of bread to be wary of is Sarah Lee with their Artesano line. Marketing makes it sound like these breads are healthier, claiming they don’t contain high fructose corn syrup, but they still contain sugar and flour,” adds Lesinden. Therapist,” adds Lesinden.

While you’re at it, stay away from Premium Italian Bread from Sarah Lee. One slice contains a full 10% of the daily value of sodium (240 milligrams).

Sara Lee bread can be found at many grocery stores such as Target, Giant, Safeway, and Walmart.

Pepper Farm Creamy White Bread
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Pepperidge Farm might be the number one baking company in the United States, if for no other reason than the range of baking products it offers.

Unfortunately, many of these options contain a lot of sodium and sugar. take out Hearty white bread farm For example: 230 milligrams of sodium and 4 grams of sugar per slice don’t set the stage for a healthy meal.

Many people like cinnamon and raisins toast in the morning, but even Beebridge Farm 100% Whole Wheat Cinnamon With Raisin Bread Each slice contains only 2 grams of fiber (and 5 grams of sugar!).

Likewise, Pepperidge Farm’s supposedly healthy options leave a lot to be desired nutritionally. somehow, her Multigrain 12 pieces of bread It contains just one gram of dietary fiber, an astonishing 220 milligrams of sodium, plus five grams of sugar.

Pepperidge Farm baked goods are available at many grocery stores and convenience stores including Publix, CVS, and Duane Reade.