You Nuts: Which team would you like to see the Ohio State men’s basketball schedule between home and home?

After one week last week of sharing some of our sports shocks, we’re back this week to give our thoughts on Ohio State Basketball is in this week’s edition of “You Nuts.” Ohio’s schedule is still taking shape, and we won’t know the full schedule for some time. we an act Meet the Buckeyes opponent at CBS Sports Classic, North Carolina Tar Heels. UNC finished last season as the national runner-up and brings back the essence of that team that came close to winning the title.

We also know that the Buckeyes will be at the Maui Invitational from November 21-23, where they will play three games. The arc will be completed at a later date, but Ohio State will play three Arizona, Arkansas, Cincinnati, Creighton, Louisville, San Diego State and Texas Tech. OSU will have a high chance of getting some elite wins early in the season, but these early games could also spoil their no-conference appeal if they can’t pull off some wins.

But first, a summary.

Last week, Connor and Justin shared their most painful sporting memories. Connor chose the 2013 NLCS, as the Giants knocked out his beloved Cardinals. Justin picked the whole of 2007, when Ohio State men’s basketball lost to Florida in an NCAA championship game, Ohio State football lost to Florida in a BCS national championship game, and the Cavaliers swept Tottenham in the The NBA FinalsThe Brown Missed the playoffs, the Penguins lost to red wings In the Stanley Cup Finals, the Indians lost to red socks in ALCS.

People totally sided with the miserable Justin in 2007, winning with 95% of the vote. Justin is one win away from hooking up with Connor after one year nuts.

After 52 weeks:

Connor- 22
Justin- 21
Other- 7

(there were two links)

This week we’re talking about Ohio’s non-conference schedule and who we’d like to see the Buckeyes schedule for the Home and Home series. With our picks, the Buckeyes will host this team And the Travel to their home. In addition, it does not have to be realistic. Would Duke, for example, agree to buy a house and a house just for fun? Absolutely not, because they are cowards. But if this is your choice, go with it.

Today’s question:

What team do you want Ohio State to designate for a house and a house?

Connor: Kentucky

College Basketball: December 21 CBS Sports Classic - Ohio State v Kentucky

Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Ohio and Kentucky are one of the more exciting competitions simmering just below the surface. It’s not a rivalry based on how often they play (only 21 times in 80 years), but geographically and among fans, that’s a rivalry.

With Kentucky bordering Ohio to the south and Columbus only about three hours from Lexington, there’s a fair amount of crossover between fans. There are a lot of British fans who live in Ohio, and there are a lot of Ohio fans who live in Kentucky. We all know someone who loves Ohio State football and Kentucky basketball – which is morally corrupt in my opinion. But it happens!

These two programs have faced each other 21 times, with Kentucky leads the 11-10 series all-time. Ohio State is currently in a two-game winning streak over the Big Blue, having beaten them at the CBS Sports Classic in 2015 and 2019. 2019 was a battle between two top-10 teams, with Ohio State winning 71-65. The 2015 game placed the Wildcats fourth against the unranked Buckeyes, with Ohio State winning 74-67. Keita Bates-Diop, Marc Loving, Jaquan Lyle, and Trevor Thompson scored in double digits for the Ohio State team that was not in the NCAA Championship that season.

These two teams were supposed to meet at the CBS Sports Classic this past season in Las Vegas, but – as we know – the Buckeyes dealt with some COVID-19 issues in December. The game was canceled in part because any player who tested positive for the virus in Las Vegas would not be allowed to return home for 10 days.

The two teams discussed rescheduling during the season, including playing next week, but Chris Holtman and John Calipari were unable to set a date. The two head coaches said they would be ready to do some kind of home series in the future, probably as soon as next season. On his weekly radio show on March 21, Holtman said his “guess” is that Kentucky will be on the Ohio State schedule this coming season. Out of guarantee, and this was also before they knew they were also going to play North Carolina (over Maui).

And, of course, Holtman grew up in Nicholasville, Kentucky — 15 miles from Robb’s Square. He still has family living in Kentucky, and he donated $50,000 to United Kentucky for the Tornado Relief Telethon on December 14, 2021. The Art Director has personal relationships with the area, so it seems very likely that the two programs will reach some sort of agreement here. In the next year or two.

Justin: Gonzaga

Ohio State vs. Gonzaga

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It’s hard to argue against Kentucky, and I might be a big fan of the CBS Sports Classic out there – I just wanted to put that on the table. College basketball needs more events and tournaments like CBS Sports Classic. The rant is over.

I want the Buckeyes to play Gonzaga more. I went between Gonzaga and Duke on this one, but I’m back on Duke for the moment and the novelty bias. Even with Coach K gone, the game against Duke will still be huge because she’s still Duke, but they might not be able to live up to the magic they had on November 21, 2022 (that was when Ohio State played Duke in basketball, just to be clear).

For example, these two teams have played only three times. Ohio State won in 2011-12 and then played twice in 2017-18, first in the very fun PK80 Invitational (I’m at least consistent) where Gonzaga won and then Gonzaga knocked out Ohio State in the NCAA Championship that same year.

All of their matches outside of PK80 were entertaining and fun to watch, as both teams could go out, run and score at high levels. Not to mention that Gonzaga is always a top five team in the country, incredibly well trained, and a lot of fun to play on the road. What do you want too? Kentucky makes sense, but that’s a little out of the box and can be a lot of fun.


Which team would you like Ohio State to schedule home and home on with more?

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    Kentucky (Connor)

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  • 24%

    Gonzaga (Justin)

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