Why you should include threat research services in your portfolio

According to Pulse, 32% of IT leaders say their organizations plan to enhance their security posture by adding threat stalking software to their overall security strategy. This is not surprising because it is an effective tool to advocate for your customer.

According to Cybersecurity Insider’s Threat Hunting report, based on a survey of cybersecurity professionals conducted in February 2021, organizations highlight a wide range of goals they expect to achieve through a threat hunting program or any related service.

Reducing exposure to external threats was named by more than half of the organizations surveyed (51%), followed by reducing the number of breaches and infections (45%) and reducing the attack surface (43%). In short, companies planning to enhance their endpoint security posture will adopt Threat Hunting in their overall security strategy.

Key Benefits of Chasing Threats

  • Threat scanning allows for the timely detection and disruption of internal and external threats that bypassed technology-based controls before a breach occurred. It enhances technology-based controls with human class expertise.
  • Moreover, threat tracking augments security technologies with human expertise to reduce settling time. Threat hunting takes advantage of human expertise to locate and stop advanced attacks that may remain invisible for days, weeks, or even months. It shortens the sleep time and is the key to reliably stopping hacks.
  • It provides security teams with the insights needed to disrupt adversaries at scale. While searches for threats occur at the beginning of the process, finding those unknown threats is still only half the battle. When implemented effectively, a highly structured threat hunting program provides security teams with the insights they need to disrupt threats.
  • It fuels a continuous effort to reduce the attack surface and improve automated detection capabilities. New patterns should be taken advantage of to improve detection capabilities, leaving threats with nowhere to hide.

Taking your security services to the next level

Those MSPs who are considering taking advantage of the opportunity and adopting a Threat Research Service should assess the following:

  1. No organization is immune, regardless of size, verticality, or location. Every organization is considered a target, regardless of where it is and the sector in which it operates.
  2. Threats are moving faster than ever. Remember the speed at which threats operate and evolve.
  3. Therefore, research on threats is now a must for every organization, It is no longer just a good option.
  4. Speed, size, and consistency are critical. The search for the threat must be able to be done quickly and on a large scale. This requires structured and repeatable processes, mature technologies, long-term vision and threat hunters backed by deep experience, knowledge and threat intelligence.
  5. Build your own fishing tackle with the MITER ATT & CK frame. Panda Security solutions come fortified with several identified ATT & CK technologies, enabling the security team to focus its efforts on dealing with security threats by utilizing the well-defined information provided by the framework and extended by our cyber security team.
  6. Take the opportunity. It’s always easier to sell to existing customers and endpoint security services are no exception. Partners who already provide security services will find Panda Security’s EDR and Threat Hunting Services a natural extension of their existing service offering.
  7. If you can’t do this at home, consider a threat search service. Finally, if you can’t do this, be sure to partner with a seller who can. Choosing the right option can simplify the delivery of core services and new managed security services over time.

Threat Hunting Service built into EDR solutions from Panda Security is a powerful tool that enables service providers to add threat tracking as part of their offering. It allows threats to be detected before damage occurs and improves defenses against future attacks on their clients. Contact Panda Security Africa For more information about their Threat Finder services.